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See /TypeFourGenerated for details.

i'd be up for a game with my new set of rules, including the additional R&D points option (and maybe the response cards). My land rate will be 2/5 -- Grumpf

Ah, hello, I'm new. This looks like a wonderfully surreal idea, so would anyone care to play a game using the basic rules with me? (I couldn't work out where to request a game.) -- Eiphel
I'd be up for playing with you. I suggest we meet over at /TypeFourGeneratedGame5, so that this one can stay ready for games with Grumpf's extensions. See you there! --AlexChurchill

''Looking at the mayhem of /TypeFourGeneratedGame5 makes me want to play too :-)
Anyone up for a game? If you have ICQ available, we could also try a generated match with [Belgarath], which is a thing i am really longing for. --Grumpf''

Happy to play you either way, though I have no ICQ nor understand why it's needed.  Where's a recap of the land rules?  (I didn't understand the 2/5 thing)  --Vitenka
Ruleset. Short summary: Player draw from a library of infinite size, containing the given rate of Jokerlands (Jokerlands turn into your choice of a basic land when you play them). Whenever you draw a card, first determine if you get a jokerland or if you get to hit the generator button. On start, draw seven cards into your hand (Mulligan if needed). Keep track of your hand with a textfile on your pc. Each generated card costs one mana of each of its colors, artifacts cost 2. For 2nd and following cards played in a single turn, cards cost 2 additional mana-- Grumpf

Way too complex for me, especially at this AM.  I mulligan myself into a different game.  --Vitenka
What a pity. It was great fun i tried this with Mime, it almost feels like playing a "real" magic game with hand cards and more tactical options. Anyone else want to give it a try? -- Grumpf

If anyone still comes by here, I'd do a game with Grumpfs rules. Or at least some version of it. Mail me @ daanhokse@hotmail.com

Links: [Dice server]



 -- Grumpf takes a mulligan (down to 6)
-- Grumpf keeps his hand.

You can start with your turn if you got your hand -- Grumpf

Turn 1, Player one


Grumpf (20 life)

Land rate: 2/5
R&D points: 5
Hand: 7
in Play:
Graveyard: 0

Player 2 (20 life)

Land rate: ?
Hand: 7
in Play:
Graveyard: 0

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