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Pop one AngryMob

Do mobs ever have other emotions?  A HappyMob?  An IntriguedMob??
(This is mob in the dictionary sense, rather than the MMORPG sense, obviously.)
If you define drunken as an emotion, maybe?  They can show symptons of anger or happinness, or just alcohol poisoning so I suppose it is a specific kind of mob.  MikeJeggo wonders if Nagi could constitute a DrunkenMob? all by himself, given enough Vodka.

Ever been at a pentecostal rally? No, MoonShadow hasn't either; but he gathers that's one example of a HappyMob. Pop concerts also come to mind..

Is there a maximal point where a gathering turns to a crowd, a crowd to a party, a party to a mob, or do we need a PHD level study with pretty graphs? -- Garbled
Well, two's company and three's a crowd so I guess that would make four a party and five a mob.  Interestingly, I think college regulations agree with these figures. - Kazuhiko
Depends on the college. TrinityCollege allows a party of up to 10 without permission from the Dean. With permission, you can have a StaircaseParty? of 30.

Also [one of these] MuHaHaHa. MagicTheGathering colonises another page.

*sigh* I would start a [Crusade]ToEliminateMtgFromTheWiki? page, but I just know you'd manage to find an MtG card to represent it... :) - Kazuhiko
Who, me? -StuartFraser
Bah!  Too easy!  You must be able to do better than that :p - Kazuhiko
Probably. The [conspiracy] [will] [triumph], in [spite] of your [defiance].

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