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A very recent reader of PhoenixFeathers and user of ToothyWiki.
BlackMonkeyMage's name originated when he tried to think of a vaguely suitable login for MagicOnline. He has sinced recognized that he is LargelyInept? at playing that game, but can still enjoy a game when /Time?, /Mood?, and the will to be CrushedMiserably? allow.
Started the WikiTravel thread.
BlackMonkeyMage's molecular form exists on the east coast of the UnitedStates?. He's sorry that his president is stupid.
(PeterTaylor) The Black and Mage parts of the name make sense, but why Monkey?
(BlackMonkeyMage) Pure randomness. I have this friend who can do nothing but say the word "monkey", and still make it sound funny as hell... so I ripped him off. :-)
To quote - everything is better when you add monkeys.  --Vitenka
Chocolate and monkey flavoured ice cream anyone? --DR
Trust me on this one: you do not want to eat monkeys from barrels. --BlackMonkeyMage

Re: Okay, can someone tell me how to get it to maintain the paragraph margins?

If you are trying to get multiple paragraphs to have the same distance from the left hand side of the page you have to preface each one with the same number of :
Is that what you had in mind or did you want something else?
(BlackMonkeyMage)I had in mind indenting each paragraph without having each paragraph appear on one line. See, I've been using MS Word (heathen! yeah yeah) for so long that it's annoying to read my own stuff un-indented.

Does "without having it appear on one line" mean you want to embed linebreaks in your source? You can do that by ending each line with a backslash, like this.  Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean... --AlexChurchill

Ahh - I understand. you mean something like:
  Old style english
paragraph formatting.

That (should be) an option for the users browser.  --Vitenka (And the style has fallen sadly out of popularity)
It should be possible to do it with CSS.  In fact it is.  Consider [this page] (text-indent is your friend).  I don't know if any browsers support local CSS overrides though. -- Senji
Opera and mozilla both allow the user to specify what style sheet to use.  I'm not sure how fine grained mozilla is about 'allow override of this element by the doument but not this one' - opera i s pretty good at it.  --Vitenka (who doesn't much care anyway, and uses 'force use of my document style and utterly ignore these foolish web designers' mode)
Oh, OK, I see.  You're using *that* meaning of "indent" ;)  Yes, that's a lovely style of paragraph formatting, which has sadly become much less popular.  I used to write all my essays and letters like that, when I were a lad... --AlexChurchill

The css appears to be: {text-indent: 1.5em}  I have no idea how you say in css to apply that to all paragraphs.  --Vitenka
<style type="text/css">p{text-indent: 1.5em}</style> (or in a seperate style sheet)

ToothyWiki doesn't currently support it. I can make it support it (for paragraphs starting with a semicolon, say, like we have indenting for paragraphs that start with a colon now) if someone tells me how to say that in HTML (hey, I just Googled for a load of grammar stuff, it's someone else's turn). - MoonShadow
Edit conflict :)  If you do want to implement it you will want:
p.indenttext{text-indent: 1.5em}
... and then <p class="indenttext"> instead of <p> for that paragraph. --Kazuhiko

(Was asking how to apply it to all paragraphs, changing the default for p class rather than having to add that to every paragraph.)
Well, as I say, it ought to be done on the client side.  The server can hint it by giving a <LINK REL TYPE="style" HREF="whatever.css"> or something along those lines.  If you were to do that, the way to do it would be as yet another user preference - so everyone could pass toothywiki through its own style sheet.  And to be best off, you'd want to make every element of WikiScript? (:,* etc.) turn into an html element with a name, so that the scripts can reference it.  --Vitenka
Vitenka, read up a few lines, above MoonShadow's comment...  Style client side would have to be handled by the local browser.  You could look into your browser's settings but there is little to nothing MoonShadow could do to help this beside make the entire Wiki XML compliant (and no I'm not suggesting that!).  User preference style sheets might work but would probably be a lot of work for very little effect --K
Well, what I was thinking would be to generate class= tags for every element.  Since this is all autogenerated, that's a lot less effort than it migth otherwise be.  Then the userpreference would just link a stylesheet and every user could make, for example, a blue wiki.  Of course, every user can already do this if that user has a sensible browser allowing client-side style sheets.  Which was my first suggestion anyway :)  --Vitenka (though client side style sheets don't help much if you want to make, say, this wiki blue and another one red.)
Eh? Am I skim-reading this too fast? We already have user-specified stylesheets in ToothyWiki. If you are logged on, you can set a URL in your preferences. Or am I missing something? --B
First of all, that request was written AGES ago.  And secondly the requst was that everything be given appropriate class= tags, which they don't all have yet - making adding css to them a bit hard.  --Vitenka (who just overrides everything locally anyway)


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