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Theology ::= talk about god.
Can only be done by bona fide theologians using the historical critical method. Wooly doctrinists don't count.

Surely, by that definition, merely saying "God is cheeseCheese is god.  Cheese Cheese Cheese - oh hell, now Cheese is going to quote me" is Theology?


Well, I talked about god, didn't I?  --Vitenka (admittedly in a very silly way)

In some sense God is cheese. God is the benificient creator of all things. Something of his creator nature is revealed in creation. Therefore we can know something about God by looking at or eating or smelling cheese. (unless cheese is a product of the fall).
Oh no, Cheese is most definitely a good product of the Creation!  --AlexChurchill
(Besides, haven't you ever heard of... ... ...Holy Cheese?)
Yet another switzerland - religion connection. First the swiss guard (for the pope), now the swiss cheese. Makes me wonder what is holy about swiss watches...

The Cheese is not God. That was a mistake. Mist is God. Or at least the Devil. Or at least a friend of his.
God is in allegiance with the FBI?  Will the conspiracies ever cease? --Kazuhiko
The FIB, please. Not remotely sleazy.

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