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Anime Music Videos

Sometimes 'Animated' rather than 'Anime' and hence referring to any music video which is animated but 99% of the time refers to the art of putting anime clips to appropriate (or sometimes not so appropriate) music tracks.

Good AMV are a VeryGoodThingTM?... Bad AMV are downright dreadful.

So...  If you find good AMV, or just AMV you want to comment on (or warn people away from ^^;) put something here to point people in the right direction.

If you have any thoughts on what makes for a good AMV, or you want to see what others think, check out the /HowTo and /Rules.

InspectorGadget? tune, DeathNote visual.  CreepyLittleGnome?.  CreepyLittleGnome? duh dah.... CreepyLittleGnome?.  CreepyLittleGnome? duh DAH!  --Vitenka (was giggling about it all morning)


A newsgroup of dubious repute, sometimes frequented by Emperor when he's feeling bored. Mostly full of ignorant Americans, alas...

It's Raining Bishounen, by SunKitten and MoonShadow, BitTorrent  [here]. It won at [Minami] 2004 :)
Interestingly, it is [available on YouTube] but the audio track has been blocked. --DR
No longer blocked. Presumably due to the licensing agreement between Google and Sony Music. It's actually been uploaded by [several] [people]. --MoonShadow

Any chance of a Real version, for the P2P-averse? -- Emperor
We don't really have the bandwidth to make it publically accessible. Point us at some FTP space if you like, or drop by and we'll burn you a CD ;) - MoonShadow
[It's Raining Bishounen - HiRes - 42Meg - irb-high.avi] (Taking my own advice on using descriptive link text)
Can I post that to the animemusicvideos site or will your server die? (yes, there are anime fans who don't use BitTorrent :) - SunKitten
Such fans are insane.  I have a standard 512/256 DSL connection - I suspect amv.org would nuke it in short order.  Let me sort out rate and connection limiting over the weekend, then we'll see ;)  --Vitenka
Don't worry about it - we'll be fine with ours. Thanks for hosting it ^^ - SunKitten
Oh, any chance of a /HowTo?  I've already got most of the tools you list as having used, just have no idea how to go about making something non-sucky.  --Vitenka
I can type up a description of what we did when I get a chance, if anyone's interested; I assume you want something other than just a duplicate of the Cinelerra [documentation]. I wouldn't presume to write a /HowTo, though. Besides, there's lots of [good ones] around already. - MoonShadow
Yes, I'd be interested in knowing what you did, what it took and where on earth you go the idea ;)  I'd also be interested in knowing how some of these tools work in practice, which the manuals don't tell you.  --Vitenka

Gaah. I can't play that file. Windows media plays says "I can't play this", xine barfs on it too. Help?!? Emperor
It's compressed with an xvideo-5 codec.  Mplayer should be able to play it natively, otherwise just do the normal codec shuffle hunt.  --Vitenka

Ok - it's up.  [Fourteen meg of rainy men]  Pauvre pauvre internet connection.  But you're welcome to it :)  --Vitenka

Apologies for not posting this earlier.  I have lost one and a half ard-drives to random bitrot (I think) - so the link won't work and the seed is down.  So:
  1. Sorry, link not working.  It'll come back hen it does
  2. How do I recover an ext3 partiiton when the superblock cannot be found?  And how do I remap bad sectors?  Fsck doesn't seem to be enough - or is my disk continuing to smoosh worse.  --Vitenka
e2fsck can use one of the backup superblock copies and can check for bad sectors. Check out the -b and -c switches respectively. You're not gonna be able to remap them, IIRC, but you can mark them as bad. Modern drives have reserve capacity and should silently remap bad blocks to it for you anyway, so if you're actually seeing bad blocks it means the drive is *really* on the way out and you should get rid of it and get a new one. This is confounded by the fact that it's possible to do nasty things to one's partition table like mapping nonexistent chunks of drive into a partition, which then cannot be read and will be treated as bad blocks by the OS. Check out [Ranish Partition Manager] - it does a comprehensive sanity check on your partition table and warns you if anything's dodgy. HTH - good luck ^^; - MoonShadow
Will try that.  It says it can use a backup superblock, but I don't know where to set it to.  Is there any better search method that google didn't tell me yet?  The partitioning is really simple - one big partition.  Thing is, I find it hard to believe that the drive is on its way out - it's less than six months old.  --Vitenka
The locations depend on the partition size - which you know, so you can get mke2fs to spit the default ones out when you run it in dummy mode. What brand is the drive? There's been a spate of dodgy IBM ones at work. How full was it? If the partition was slightly bigger than the physical size, that could do nasty things. Where's your swap? - MoonShadow
Will try that, dunno I'd have to open it up to look, fairly full but it was auto partitioned so that seems unlikely and on a different drive, (an ancient, reliable one) respectively.  TWO different physical drives failing on the same day feels like a power-surge type problem to me, but that wouldn't explain why I'm still getting unrecovered read errors.  --Vitenka
The first thing I would think if that happened to my computer is that a fan has stopped turning and the system overheated. Fans sold with computers are usually rubbish. --Admiral

The Elements, by SunKitten and MoonShadow, [as a BitTorrent]

Just downloaded a number of AMV, must of which suffered from "I know! Let's put Hellsing fight scenes to hard rock music!  That'll be Cool!"...  Ironically, since I never really got into LoveHina, my two favourites were:

LoveHina / The Hell that is My Life
Keitaru's point of view...  Ignoring the sections before and after the actual AMV and the fact it goes on just a little too long, this is actually pretty good.

LoveHina / Life's Gonna Suck When You Grow Up (DenisLeary)
Subtitled "Advice for Shinobu".  I love the song (sick sense of humour? me?) and the video fits well...

 - Kazuhiko

I was very impressed by an Evangelion AMV by an artist who calls himself "Digital God", to which the song is "Everything You Want".  You can download it [here], apparently.

And of course there's Kevin Caldwell, who's amazing at the lip-syncing and synchronising shots to practically every word.  I've been impressed at pretty much everything he's done. --AlexChurchill

I like.. I like the Kevin Caldwell ones, in particular the Caffeine Encomium (Sana from Kodocha to the William Tell overture) and Chantilly Lace (GoldenBoy?, which I've never seen, and a random funky song).

I also like the RevolutionaryGirlUtena AMV set to Hit me baby one more time (is that the right title for the song?), but sung by male singers. I love Tainted Donuts (Spike from CowboyBebop chasing Vash from TriGun set to a Japanese rap) and Odorikuruu (more anime than I can remember, very well put together). And ExcelSaga to the opening from PinkyAndTheBrain is still rattling round my head. That's all I can remember right now. I'd like to make one one day, but I think I've already got too much to do..

The male version of the Hit Me Baby, One More Time is apparently sung by DweezelZappa?... - Kazuhiko

-- SunKitten

Another couple worthy of mention:

NeonGenesisEvangelion / Asuka The Black Knight (MontyPython)
Asuka as the black knight from the appropriate MontyPython sketch ("It's only a flesh wound!")...  Very good, but heavy on spoilers for one of the eps near the end.

Gravitation / The Cat Came Back
ShounenAi? warning, but then, if you know the series, you would already have expected that...  A version of the song I haven't heard before and very amusing.

 - Kazuhiko

VisionOfEscaflowne / Let's Get This Party Started (Korn)
Dilandau. 'nuff said. Potential spoiler if you pay enough attention.

 - Bobacus

Slayers / It's not easy being evil
As sung by...  (SunKitten? Could you fill in the name for me?  Purple haired priest person.).  Short but amusing
That'd be Xelloss. I want to see it, but this might be a little late to tell you. Next LAC? - SunKitten
*grins and waves CD with PrincessTutu and misc AMV on it at SunKitten*  Somehow I guessed...  See you at LAC! - Kazuhiko

Utena / Castles in the Sky
A good AMV, but an excellent example of why lip sync is not always a good thing...

 - Kazuhiko

Been a while since I saw any, but: The pinky and the brain one (Excel Saga), Zubba Zubba Zoot Zoot (Jinnae and the Bugrom from ElHazardOAV? live) and, of course, Senshi on Springer (WeirdAlYankovic SailorMoon and JerrySpringer in unholy matrimony, and the AnimeFans that worship them) and Kutani - Log.  (Kenshi to the tune of Ren and Stimpy)  And.. "nyo is war", or aty least the first 15 seconds of it.
The 'Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot' one will be shown this Wednesday at some point in the proceedings. I thoroughly enjoyed it - SunKitten

Excel Saga / Play Excel! Play!
Suitably hectic is a minor understatement.  I had some problems with the codec to start with, so if you watch it, make sure the beat lines up with the images perfectly or it just doesn't look as good...

 - Kazuhiko

Utena / This was never meant to be

A yaoi amv...  It sort of contains spoilers, but not the kind you may be thinking :)  Basically set to a, rather bad, love song with some very good linking between the lyrics and video.  Regrettably a mov file but still watchable.

 - Kazuhiko

MagicKnightsRayearth? / Sophisticated Suicide (Enigma)

A 9.5 minute summary of the first series.  A good/quick way to relive the ultimate in CLAMPEndings...

 - Kazuhiko

-- macloud

My brain is stuck on endless loop with the EarWorm? "Where did you get that hat?"  - it must be made.  Anime has many hats.  Many of them are insane.  As a bonus, plenty of scenes from HowlsMovingCastle are appropriate.
Second Evil idea of the moment.  The final fight scene song from Utena "Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse" and the final fight song from AdventChildren? "One-winged angel" are so similar its scary.  Therefore you could intercut the fight scenes without anyone noticing.  In theory :)  --Vitenka

FOR THE WIN macloud

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