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Mecha anime, which shockingly avoids resembling NeonGenesisEvangelion, RahXephon, Nadesico and FullMetalPanic. Instead, it feels much like a cross between NieaUnderSeven and LastExile. Imagine Alex Rowe and the crew of the Silvana as surfer dudes.

Uh, yeah. And they have mechas that surf. In the sky. But it's still fun.

A set of particularly nasty people, twisted and perverted by their experiences, try to forget it all and run away from themselves by pretending to be a bunch of carefree surfer dudes chasing after waves on a seedy bird-of-prey-lookalike. Every so often, though, the happy-go-lucky image they present cracks under the strain of their collective nightmares, and things turn ugly. The NTHT-like innocent of a main character provides quite a good canvas for their twisted psyches to paint themselves across. And that's just the protagonists..

(The antagonist - well, the most interesting one, anyway - is to bishonen what David Gemmel's "we were heroes once and now we're old and feeble and are forced to all go out for one last doomed fight in which we'll die" characters are to Conan the Barbarian).

I keep bumping into this while looking for episodes of the Sci-Fi channel series 'Eureka'.  Is it worth taking the time to watch?  --hart
We're quite enjoying it. Currently episodes are taking shape in a sort of 'tease the main character while establishing settings, characters and relationships aboard the Gekko (the surfer dude ship) while having sinister plot bits creeping in around the edges.' We're only up to episode 6, though. It hasn't become episodic or boring yet - SunKitten

I was always bothered by the character name, Gidget...
There was a film on TV the other day about the history behind surfing. These two things are connected, as the most famous movie about surfing is called Gidget after the main character. Now at least I know where the name comes from... --Tsunami

We finished it at WednesdayAnime. The first three-quarters were liked by almost everyone. Then it went downhill. A number of people thought the final eight or ten episodes were bad, although I didn't mind them particularly. But the /Ending? was awful - down there at the nadir of anime endings along with KiddyGrade. --AC


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