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In short, an exceptionally bored yank who's mostly lurking about the wiki.  I mean really bored.  Mystery Science Theatre bored. FlowersOnTheWall bored.  Watching Baywatch for the plot bored.  You get the idea. 

Stuff I'm interested in:
Futurama? (but not most other American cartoons - Adult Swim is 90% trash IMNSHO)
Anime (esp HayaoMiyazaki, KiddyGrade, StellviaOfTheUniverse, Bleach?; not so much Naruto, DragonBall?, etc)
RPGs - tabletop for storytelling, console for mechanics, MMORPGs for interaction and scale
CompSci - Studied a good bit of this, and tons of experience working with the things, but no degree. 
ComputerProgramming - Once again, no degree; but solid C/++/#, Java, and VB skills, with a sprinkling of SQL for good measure.
All things gothy - but from an American perspective so not of much use unless you're gothy yourself.  EX-goth - now gainfully employed.

Hello...  You lent me a number of games, almost exactly a year ago now, at FanimeCon (much appreciated by the way, they were good fun).  Now Fanime is rolling around again and I was wondering what the best way of returning them to you would be?  I will be at Fanime again this year if that helps.

If you want to send me a mailing address I should post them to, please use dgstonham at the server you are currently browsing.

Also, in addition to the games you lent me, you gave me UnlimitedSaga?.  I have since decided this to be possibly the worst game in existence.  Would you like it back or should I dispose of it in some other way?  Thanks. --K

Kazuhiko: I may be attending FanimeCon again this weekend.  Consider yourself warned! 

Fanime?  Are you going next year?  I'll certianly try to! -ElliottBelser

I'll definitely be going to Fanime this year - only managed a hotel for Saturday night, so my wife and I will be arriving Saturday around noon and departing some time Sunday.  It's only around a 2 hour drive for us so we're flexible if anyone wants to grab lunch or dinner at some point.


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