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[Fantastic Contraption].  Pointless but addictive flash game... --DDD
Addictive, indeed. Once you get stuck into it, it can eat time. 4:30am I was up trying to solve level 20, curse you. --AC
Done level 20 now (link below). There are many more elegant solutions in the "other players' machines" link, but this one is mine, and it gets there. Eventually. --AC
Addictive indeed.  It is 21:30 and I should have been home hours ago.  Got to level 15 though. :-)  --DR
Here's [my solution to level 20]. It was a lot easier than I expected, once I had got over failing to make a strong enough catapult. The only one I haven't solved now is level 19. Wow, Alex, your solution is ... complicated. Ah - [level 19 done]. --Admiral
Anyone have a solution to the Tube one?  The others I can work towards (I think I managed about 16) but that one I just have no clue for. --K
I could post you links to several other people's examples. I was rather frustrated to find that none of my ideas worked, and even my attempts to make things directly inspired by other people's attempts didn't work either. Tube seems to be far more sensitive to tiny details of precise positioning than other levels. --AC
ChrisHowlett has posted the following solutions to the chat: [Level 14 - Four Balls]; [Level 15 - Down Under]; [Level 13 - Big Ball]; [Level 16 - Awash]
AlexChurchill seems to have a knack for implausibly shambling devices that look like they shouldn't work, but somehow manage to; as shown by his solutions to [Level 12 - Up The Stairs], [Level 16 - Awash], [Level 17 - Handling], [Level 19 - Back and Forth], and [Level 20 - Unpossible]. The only one that looks faintly efficient is his solution to [Level 14 - Four Balls].
With a sturdier frame,an extra wheel, and some changes of proportion, the [Stuck Trolley] isn't quite so shambling.
So, ve haf a bug. Some of those solutions (16, 20) don't work on my computer. In 16 the crawler gets stuck, eventually knocks the cradle off the ledge and then is borne down in a torrent of balls. Iiiinteresting. --SF
How many times have you tried? I don't think it's entirely deterministic.
How bizarre. I find that surprising. Surely it should be deterministic, unless its physics model goes down to the quantum level? --Rachael
Should be, but there's almost certainly a random perturbation added when things are moving really slowly.  Depending on how it behaves when the computer is too slow to do all the work each frame you might get different results from that too (if it slows down the frame rate and thus changes how game-time matches real time things should stay consistent, but slower.  If it instead keeps the framerate up it changes how long each time step is and thus changes the results.)  Personally, I can't say I've noticed any non-determinism - machines seem to behave the same on each run.  As an improvement, I'd like to see a version which very slightly alters the fixed terrain on each run (telling you it will do so) so that you have to try and make robust solutions rather than 'it just works' ones.  --Vitenka
Machines work the same (mostly) but there seems to be a random element about which way balls bounce.--ChiarkPerson
To the left and to the right... cue AC/DC ;) - MS

StuartFraser likes throwing stuff. [This] solution to Four Balls is one of his crazier catapults.

Requiem loves the fact you can do things like [this].

M-A and Nat finally sorted [handling] and Nat likes this water carrier for [Mesopotamia]. See [this] for those not from Lincoln and familiar with the output of William Clayton's works.

Some people on the forums have got into "green" solutions - those using no motors. AlexChurchill has created a couple of these.
But there are some astonishing ones - [Tube] with no motors. And admire the engineering mind that came up with the [Swinging Arm solution to Handling].
I had a bit of fun building a green trebuchet, but I lost the design due to a mis-click. --Admiral
Some people took it even further by banning all wheels. Just rods. I'm impressed at [Full-up] and [Around the Bend] the interesting way - cf [the simple way], and most of all [Unpossible]. --PT

The alarm this morning interrupted me playing a game that was like Fantastic Contraption, but you had a team of worms that rode on the contraptions and blew each other up.  Grrr the alarm. --SGB

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