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An excellent non-smoking, non-ringing pub hidden away on the East side of Cambridge.  Serves good food, RealAle and has a good variety of SingleMalt.
No mobiles? --M-A
That would be a decidedly good idea.  Make it non-alcoholic too and you've got a customer :)  --Vitenka (Though actually I read it as a typo for 'minging')
Err, you want a non-alcoholic pub?? -- Senji
That would suit me just fine!--Tsunami
Non-ringing does indeed in this case mean mobile phones are banned.  And as for the non-alcoholic pub, well, a Salvation Army youth group in Bournemouth used to run a non-alcoholic bar which was very popular at one point... --AC
Does that mean Nokkette has to be left behind?  Or just kept quiet?
I believe "switched off" is the official line, but "silent mode" is tolerated.  Beeps of SMSs aren't looked kindly upon (not that Nokkette beeps on an SMS, but rather quotes MontyPython...) --AC

Owned by the same person as the CambridgeBlue.
It's rather smaller though.  If you've got a big group, the CambridgeBlue is better, especially in the summer as it has a nice big garden. The FreePress doesn't seem to have any kind of garden as far as MikeJeggo remembers.
It has a load of tables out back on a patio, enough for a reasonable size group but only nice in summer. As an added bonus it has budvar on tap as well. Tony

A great place to do some SpendingTimeWithPeople!


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