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In an effort to depart from somewhat shady software usage and/or the guilt of unregistered ShareWare I have been looking for FreeWare replacements for the day-to-day software I use.  Since Google""s phenomenal strengths are somewhat limited by the word 'free' I thought it would be a good idea to collect some together here.

What pieces of FreeWare do other ToothyWikizens use?



Virus Scanner


Web Browser
Well, most are free anyway, but these probably deserve mention:

E-mail Client

Office Applications

Graphics Editors

Graphics Viewers

CD Burning

Video editing



Kino, LiVES? and Cinelerra are all present on the [dyne:bolic] live CD in case people want to try them without installing Linux. If you spot more live CDs they're on, add a link here.
This sounds great but I'm a little confused by the live CDs.  Can they access the hard drive?  Since I'm running NTFS, I'm guessing not, but then how can a video editor work?  Entirely in memory with no way to save your work? --K
Most Live CDs can at least read NTFS.  All of them can access your hard drive (though some need a bit of techie knowledge to get them to do it) so have a FAT partition or a CD burner, I guess, to save.  I think the main idea of a live CD here is to let you test the software on a dry-run, not keep using it that way.  --Vitenka
In general you'd need to make a FAT32 partition on your hard drive, or maybe use a USB key or something, in order to transfer data between the two operating systems. There's [Captive NTFS], but I don't think it's made its way onto any live CDs yet. - MoonShadow

FreshMeat? lists lots of [IDE]s, but no idea off the top of my head what proportion of them are any good, or even free (you need to log in to filter by license type) - MoonShadow

Music Editors
Does anyone know of a decent, free music-editing package? All it really needs to be able to do is chop the start and end off music ripped from CD to WindowsMediaPlayer?. --ChrisHowlett
MoonShadow uses Cinelerra for audio editing. Not that that helps you much ^^;
[Audacity] is probably overkill.  Which is probably a good thing.  --Vitenka  (VirtualDub? can do it, too.)
Audacity looks good, but I can't seem to get it to import .wma files, and I can't get MediaPlayer? to export as anything else... I'll try to find VirtualDub?, but any suggestions on getting Audacity working? --CH
Your problem is that you are using .wma  Stop doing that.  Hideous evil format of doom.  What is the actual source?  --Vitenka
Mostly CD's which I mostly don't have, although Chel probably does. Will Audacity rip from CD? VirtualDub? looks nice, but more geared to adding existing Audio to existing Video, and needing the latter to start with. --CH
There is only one application worth speaking about for ripping CD's.  [CDex].  Use it and love it.  --Vitenka

SeeAlso: ShareWare

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