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Bring out yer dead.

Bring out yer dead.

Replace all your old browsers today.

Bring out yer dead.

In case anyone hasn't seen it, the [extensions] provide all sorts of useful tweaks. Most of the Navigation and Page Display sections are worth looking at. Adblock is great: "never display anything from ad.doubleclick.net, or *bannerfarm*, or..."
hosts(.txt) is a better, simpler fix for this :)  On previous version of FireFox I had bad experiences with extensions (I still have an extension in ThunderBird which fails to load and cannot be removed) - mainly that they tended to make things slow down a lot.  Some were better than others - I advise waiting and seeing which get good community reviews.  Uh, like adblock does and just did.  I'll get my coat.  (You also probably want want to suppress all instances of 'new window' and turn them into 'new tab' instead.)  --Vitenka (The other one - autoselect new tabs - is now in preferences)

Alas I entirely failed to persuade my school's IT department to install it alongside IE.  They said they had to have IE because that was the program required by the people providing the funding, and that as they were planning to reinstall all the computers in 6 months time, they wern't prepared to make any changes to them.

Oh, this was said while interrupting a computing class to get everyone to spend 10 minutes running a virus scanner because yet another virus has been downloaded by someone using IE to play games on the internet. :-)

Vitenka is having a major problem with this.  Opening some link (in a new tab or otherwise) typically locks the browser for 10-20 seconds.  Once the browser unlocks, the page displays within a second or two.  At a guess, DNS is uncached and blocking.

ChrisHowlett seems to be going for a record on customisation of FireFox. He already has 6 extensions installed (two RSS readers (/Sage? and /InfoRSS?), although neither deals with ToothyWiki in quite the right way; /AllInOneGestures?; /IeView? (open link/always open site in InternetExplorer); /TabX? (adds a close button to each tab); /FocusLastSelectedTab? (allows you to switch to the tab you were just on, also returns you there when you close the current tab). He's considering several more (/AdBlock?; /MiniT? - DragAndDrop? to reorder tabs; /TabMix? or /TabbrowserPreferences? for enhanced Tabs; /SessionSaver? to keep his tabs on close; /HashColouredTabs? to colour the FireFox icon on tabs from websites that don't supply their own according to a hash of the domain). He's also implemented several extensions to the /QuickSearch? bookmarks - for RFCs, ToothyWiki pages, Google's I'm Feeling Lucky, thesaurus.com, DataConnection?'s intranet directory-of-people and Gatherer? lookup (as per wiki MTG: links).

Er, six? AlexChurchill has 20-30. Favourites include the aforementioned Adblock, IE View / FireFox View, several tab enhancements including Drag to Tab, and the wonderful Firesomething. Thanks to the discussion here, I've removed Session Saver and a couple of others in favour of /TabMix?, which also has had the effect of speeding FireFox up :) But I'd love your code for the Gatherer lookup quicksearch. EDIT: Never mind, there wasn't when I last looked, but there's now one available by the Add New Engines link :) --AC
Now 8. I have only been using it a month or so. And I haven't got round to installing much on my home copy, so most of the extensions are snuck in during work hours. --CH
Back to 6! /TabMix? obviates the need for /FocusLastSelectedTab? and /TabX?. It also removes the need to install /MiniT? to drag and drop tag positions, and /SessionSaver?. Powerful. --CH
:) Fair enough. Also of note for any web developer is /ViewFormattedSource?: it's brilliant for complex web programming, as it'll display all included files, be they .css, .js, etc. --AC

JOOI, what's wrong with the RSS? - MoonShadow
Nothing your fault. Basically, /Sage? only updates when you ask it to, and /InfoRSS? won't consider as "new" any subsequent changes to a recent headline (with a memory of about 3 days), so active pages only get shoved to the top of the feed once in a while. --CH

Adblock seems to be incompatible with firefox when running on XP Pro :( --Angoel
I take that back - they seem to have got an update which works now. --Angoel

Hmm, haven't tried it out yet. Will report when I have. --CH
Works fine on my work computer... That's distinctly odd... what symptoms do you see? --AC
Works fine for me, home and pro.  But it doesn't block all ads - people found a way around it.  The simplest solution to it is to add flashblock into the mix.  --Vitenka
Surely the simplest solution is to right click and Block Images from This Server ? --DR

There really should be a CategoryNotWhatItWasSupposedToBeAbout joke on this page, probably involving Vitenka. No - I think this page is about exactly what it's supposed to be about... --M-A
That's the point of the above unsigned comment. It's too much about what it's actually supposed to be about - there ought to be more NWIWSTBA content on this page, and Vitenka may be an appropriate Fox to be referred to... --AC

Anyone know of a way of duplicating the bookmark "Open in tabs" function (i.e. open a number of links in different tabs from a single click) from a normal web link?  I'm guessing not, since it could be seriously abused but it would be nice. --K
If you know the brower is FireFox, you should be able to do it in JavaScript.  If the user has it set up sensibly, you could just fire a whole bunch of 'open new window' in the OnClick? handler.  --Vitenka (EVIL!)

Arrggh.  Does anyone know how to circumvent the FireFox profiles? (this is under Fedora4 but I think it's the same everywhere).  FireFox (1.0.8) crashed on me and when I reloaded it said the 'profile' was in use and I would have to use a different one.  I created a new one and now I have none of my bookmarks (and I'm logged out of the wiki, etc. but the bookmarks are the big thing).  Unfortunately, the dialog for changing the profile back no longer pops up when I start FireFox and I can't find it in any of the menus :( --K

Wherever it is the per-user settings for your account are stored under your OS ($HOME under Linux, c:\documents and settings\username\ for some Winboxes, random places under c:\windows for others), FF will have created a directory called .mozilla; under it, a directory called firefox; inside that, one directory per profile and a text file called profiles.ini which lists them all along with a tag telling firefox which one the default is. Edit it in your favourite text editor; it's self-explanatory. Make sure FF isn't running when you edit it, because otherwise it'll just overwrite your changes. - MoonShadow

Yay!  Thank you... --K

I've got the same problem. I assume the method is to create a temporary profile, then switch the default profile back to being the default profile? Trouble is, that hasn't worked. The "default" profile is still "in use". Have I done something wrong? --CH
Oh, if killing all instances of firefox doesn't stop the profile being marked as "in use", look for a file called "lock", "lockfile" or similar in the profile directory and delete it. - MoonShadow
I have located a parent.lock, but I can't delete it because it's in use. --CH
Reboot, try deleting it again. Alternatively, [WhoLockMe] + taskmanager kill. - MoonShadow

Vitenka required extensions list:  /AdBlock? (and a decent list of filters) /AllInOneGestures? (for rocker button gestures only) /BritishEnglishDictionary? /DownloadManagerTweak? (^J opens in sidebar thank you) /FlashBlock? (overkill, but die die die) /NoScript? (which is why flashblock is overkill) /NightlyTesterTools? (for when the browser updates and the extensions don't) /PasteAndGo? (so simple, so nice) /RefControl? (convinces a few sites to serve me content despite cookie blocking) /TargetAlert? (spot which links are downloads) /ToggleWordWrap? (at last!  .txt is readable!).  I'm also trialling /DownThem? All but am unconvinced.
FireFox2? has every 'advanced tab management' feature I was using in /TabMixPlus? and /SessionSaver?, so those are gone.  Oddly, I can't seem to install any themes.

FireFox memory leak is in fact a feature, claims developer: http://news.yahoo.com/s/cmp/20060217/tc_cmp/180203308
CategoryBrowser; see also Mozilla

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