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A ComputerGame by Microsoft.

Take a game that plays like Diablo, feels like Baldur'sGate2 and looks like NeverwinterNights.

Then add some ridiculous hats and the ability to have a donkey in your party.

OP: FlameRider

CategoryNotActuallyAComputerGameButItShouldBe, CategoryRandom

Dammit, sorry!  I think I'll stop trying to fix anything now. --FlameRider
I think I speak for the entire ToothyWiki when I say....WTF? How on earth can you accidentally "miss" when moving a page from DungeonSeige to DungeonSiege and hit FrostyDaSnowman instead? --SF
Well, Vitenka managed to reify HomePage? when aiming for TomatoSplat... --AC
He never explained how he did it, either --SF
Multiple tabs, mainly.  --Vitenka
Yes, I'm afraid it really was a case of clicking the wrong question mark and not checking the title.  As I said, sorry.  --FR
Oh, stop apologising, FR :) We're just amused and entertained, and you can feel happy for bringing a little diversion into a day... (although not so happy that you go and do it again ;) ) --AC
SF feels he ought to AOL here.
AmericaOnLine?? CH feels like he's missing the curent meaning of this abbreviation.
The highly irritating behaviour of posting "I agree" or "Me, too!" and nothing else in response to a long reasoned argument on a newsgroup of other similar forum has long been attributed to AOL users (like most other forms of bad Netiquette), and thus in some circles "AOL" has become shorthand for "Me too". --SF

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