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A shop that used to be run by Alex (not AlexChurchill), and employing Graham (and in the past Karen) on GreenStreet?, in Cambridge; now closed down.

It is really unfortunate that GamesAndPuzzles is no more. Now nowhere in Cambridge sells juggling supplies and we have to buy games from the not as good Lingard Games. ColinLeung wonders what is going to happen to the old Games and Puzzles site.
A jewellery shop. Bleurgh. Cambridge only has about half a dozen of them already.

Someone also notes in passing that Borders have been known to stock MagicTheGathering.

WednesdayAnime asks: What is the difference between:

Pallando puts up the following definitions to be attacked:
Does it have a win condition?
Yes - If you lose, can you try exactly the same thing (clarification from comment below: possibly taking different actions but going from the same starting point) again until you solve it?
Yes - it is a puzzle
Chess? - MoonShadow
No - it is a game
Uh - aren't these the wrong way round?  If you do the exact same thing again with a puzzle, you'll lose again.  In a game, doing the exact same thing again might win.  --Vitenka
You can attempt the same problem, your attempted solution might differ but the initial setup you face should be the same. --DR
Rubix Cube.  Jigsaw Puzzle.  The intial setups of most puzzles are not the same (for the obvious replayability reasons)  --Vitenka
In fact, I'd go so far as to define a puzzle as being: "In a given state, a given action will always lead to the same state when you are next required to give an action."  Which put anything with an element of chance or an opponent at least partially into the 'game' category.  --Vitenka
Yes, I came to a similar conclusion just before BannerOfTheStars started - SunKitten
No - does it have a required plot order?
Yes - it is an interactive story
No - it is a virtual environment
And while I think about it - did you just classify 'ChooseYourOwnAdventure?' as a puzzle rather than IF?? --Vitenka
I think he also classified most VisualNovels and DatingSims thus also: any that have GoodAndBadEndings? but don't have randomness or unpredictability. I'd say a few such become puzzles and games once you start looking for the good ending, having been interactive stories and games before that. --AC
Very good point.  The classification can change depending on your attitude.  Anyone remember the sequence in EndersGame where he chooses to ignore the win condition of a game and instead treats it as a virtual environment? --DR

Dictionary: Game, Dictionary: Puzzle, WikiPedia: Puzzle and WikiPedia: Game may provide some useful food for thought, even if you disagree with them. --AC
AlexChurchill thinks that puzzle" as "Something that requires ingenuity and often persistence in solving or assembling, such as a game, toy, or problem" and "game" as "an activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime" are close to how he uses the words. These also support some games being simultaneously puzzles. So I could spend some time on a word game or mathematical game on my own, both of which I could also call puzzles; on a computer game against AI; or in a RolePlayingGame, BoardGame or CardGame with other players.

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