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I have a thought.  For those people who want a more exciting ToothyWiki, let's go through existing ToothyWiki pages, editing them simply to run CapitalisedWords together into BizarrePhrases?, thus creating a NewAndFun? source of WikiNess?.  It's SomethingToDo?... -- M-A

Is that really a GoodIdea? ContentOrInfrastructure? -- MoonShadow
As AnotherThought?, AddingContent? to UnreifiedLinks can also be SomethingFun? to do ^^

-- Well, my thought was to do [this kind of edit]... (but without adding this kind of comment) -- M-A 

AlexChurchill: I'm surprisingly strongly against this kind of edit.  I have no objection to someone typing a pair of CapitalisedWords together if they think such a page *ought* to exist, and would benefit the majority of wiki users.  But seeing too many UnreifiedLinks in a row (see the paragraphs above, for example) dilutes the ones which might be most fun to create, and could dissuade people from creating any of them. There's [*plenty* of UnreifiedLinks] available already.

I'm in favour of people creating pages for concepts.  Like, some of the above UnreifiedLinks are WarCraft 3, GeorgeOrwell, LordOfTheRings, and BluePeter.  All of these could fruitfully have a page about them; and if you see someone's written "Blue Peter" on a wiki page, I have no problem with you editing that to read "BluePeter". Especially if you're planning to create a BluePeter page yourself at some point.

But things like NewAndFun? or AnotherThought? or aren't particularly distinct concepts on their own; and things like Sweden, SomethingToDo?, Food, and MoneyToBurn? may be concepts, but not ones that I can see much point in creating a wiki page about.  Of course, if someone else can see a point in creating it, then they're free to do so; and then afterwards edit some pages so that "money to burn" reads "MoneyToBurn?" instead.  But I disapprove of throwing out thousands of GratuitousWikiLinks if you can't see much point in any given one ActuallyBeingCreated?.
That's what MoonShadow would have said if MoonShadow had been eloquent and had actual thoughts rather than fuzzy feelings.

Note - this definitely isn't a rant at M-A, but just my thoughts on the concept.  I also do realise that what I describe is is not a clear black/white distinction; but I hope people can understand my general gist.  I don't mind precisely where the boundary lies, as long as there is one.  I'd ReallyHateFor? WikiToEndUp? LookingLikeThis?.
Agreed - feelings are directed at concept, not at M-A. And, of course, it is perfectly possible to delete pages and split up WikiWords if they are felt to be incongruous / messy / contentless.

I had a feeling at the outset that I'd better put up a page about the concept of random fiddling before whiling away the hours using the poor Wiki as a toy as would otherwise be my wont.  It was really in reply to the thoughts on the RandomPage, and also the fact that most recent ToothyWiki additions seem to be paragraphs of prose with no new UnreifiedLinks in them.  [Hmm, just as this one appears to be]

I don't mind what people think is the best thing to do, so long as it allows people (like me) who may not be so good at joining in longstanding arguments (which seem to be around 60% of the postings) to contribute something once in a while. -- M-A

CategoryWiki; See also LeafPage

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