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A former geek house of Cambridge 16th August 2003 - 1st October 2007. Occupied by:

Rob Hansen

Old and probably out of date stuff below, left for posterity:

Occupied since 16th August, 2003 - and presently bereft of internet access, but otherwise rather nice.
'7-10 days', from Thursday. We're getting PlusNet?, I think... -- TI
We have PlusNet?, or rather, we don't have PlusNet?, because it hasn't been working for the last 3 days... wondering if this is our crappy router, our crappy wire or their crappy service... hmmm.  Just saying is all. -- Naath
Now connected. Some 'persuasion' was required - but that turned out to come down to two problems of the trivial-but-a-bit-obscure nature. Expect to see me around... -- TI
Nice rdns. -- Senji

Located in Fortescue Road, Cambridge (contact if you want house number), and phonable on 01223 363769.

A housewarming took place on the 29th of August, many people came. There are vague plans for another when CambridgeUniversity types are back in town. Given the well-attended nature of the first one, plans may have to be made to acquire some extra-dimensional space to host this in. (Or, alternatively, we could run it in the afternoon...).

Note on house number: The general consensus on the wiki seems to be that publishing the actual address is quite silly, especially if in connection with information about when all the inhabitants won't be present. I'll quite happily distribute it by any less public means people care to devise, however. Oh, and also note that the odd and even numbers in Fortescue Road aren't even vaguely aligned. Our house is notably towards the north-west end of the road.

Sigh.  I remember the days when people often put their addresses on the Internet...  -- Senji
Regrettably it's no longer sensible to do so :( The net is not the place it once was. -- Kitiara

When you gaze unto it, does it also gaze unto you? --SF, who is, unsurprisingly, not coming to the housewarming.
I gave this a go, and it winked.  I'm not sure if that counts. -- NickTaylor

There will be a further party at Oblivion on Saturday 17th January 2004. Which was good. A few people even brought fluffy toys.
There will be a New Year's Eve party on the obvious date of 2005/2006. See /Party for details.

And because we don't have a white board and the chances of a notepad lasting more than 6 hours without being lost is rather low (or to put it another way: because we're geeks) /ShoppingList

Also, TheElderScrolls? IV. ChrisHowlett has borrowed it, and can just about run it. It's shiny.


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