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Azumanga Daioh InSpace...

Not strictly true, but it does have a similar style in places if not the same level of random insanity.

A group of kids (the story focuses on the girls so far but there are boys around) go into space to the space station Stellvia to train to be pilots.  I'm not entirely sure of the connection yet, but the point of their training seem to be connected with preventing any further damage from a super nova that occured a hundred or so years ago.

I guess one of the things I like so far (2 episodes in) is that space travel is not just accepted, but still viewed as something special.

Too early to say anything more except that it could be interesting.

Clicky clicky clicky...  Shinnnny...  HOW many fansub groups are there now?  There's more anime coming out that I could possibly watch.  And that's after ignoring all of the sports stuff.  --Vitenka

Having watched 3...  Well, that was random.  This could be moderately interesting.  Oh, and the bishounen (non-sparkly unfortunately) have now been introduced, one of whom looks suspiciously like a Zelgadis wannabe. - Kazuhiko

Having watched 11 (I'll try to keep my comments spoiler-free)... I think the anime's doing quite well at maintaining its potential. A lot of it is still "High school kids InSpace!", but there's enough interesting characters (in both Shipon's year, other years, and the teachers for comic relief), and being given decent character development, that I'm still rather enjoying it.  And of course there's the ongoing plot, which avoiding Spoilers I'll just say looks like there are a few directions it could take from this point.  I suspect StellviaOfTheUniverse would irritate people who want "something happening" every episode (there are enough episodes where "all that happens" is characterization, beyond some random one-off self-contained episodic plot).  And it is often still quite predictable in some things, but probably not the big important things.  Whether you view that as characters or supernovas.  --AlexChurchill (oh, yes, and some of the bishounen are indeed wonderful :D )

Having watched 11, this is really growing on me. Episode 10 was entirely consistent with it being a 13 episode series - and the fact that it isn't is something I'm very much wanting to see the results of. It continues to remain shiny, and diverges significantly from AzumangaDaioh in that there is serious plot, character, and inter-character development. (This is at the expense of weirdness, and outright hilarity, which exists, but only in the background). The main character oscillates between 'unstoppably good' and 'terminally insecure' on a regular basis, but this hasn't yet got old. She also defaults to self effacing (as opposed to genki. c.f. FruitsBasket Tohru is also rather self-effacing, but she isn't (I don't think) insecure - SunKitten). The plot for the first arc is centered around the school, and mostly the prep students within it, plus a few notable outsiders of varying levels. It's a reasonably predictable mix of plot, shiny space bits, funny bits, and character development - with most of the plot being 'learn stuff for and about the upcoming "Second Wave"'. Beyond that, I honestly have no idea, but I'm looking forward to finding out. Shiny. -- TheInquisitor (Great minds, etc etc - I wrote this at the same time as Alex wrote his bit above. I'll just leave it intact.)

Well we finished watching the series, and it was good. It mostly lived up to its potential and the standards it set for itself. It maintains a balance of characterisation, ongoing plot arc, and occasional random comedy connected to nothing in particular. --AC

There is now a Stellvia DatingSim (naturally in Japanese only, and with little prospect of being translated). The one report I've seen makes it look quite fun. Apparently if you date Shipon then Kouta-kun glares at you from the background ^_^ It does feature anime clips, but apparently almost all just recycled from the anime.
It's not like there's any prospect of most ToothyWikizens playing it, but I just thought you might be entertained to hear :) --AlexChurchill

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