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At work, we have an pseudo-infinite supply of sweet things and fizzy drinks.  Today's discovery was MintMunchies.  Dark Chocolate, with mint too.  Very nice.

Like Munchies, but with mint...

The only drawback is that they are made by Nestle.  But is Nestle still evil?  I don't know, so I'm just going to eat my way through this packet of MintMunchies anyway...

AOL.  They are wonderful - like extra chunky AfterEightMints?. --Vitenka

Yes, that's just what they're like.  I've eaten them all now - I may have to mount another expedition to the StoreRoom... --M-A
That last edit is an absolute triumph of procrastination.  I approve.  --Vitenka

Just one question - does your work have any problem with people becoming too stuffed with sugary things to be able to fit out of the doors?  It might all be a cunning staff retention strategy ;)  But it does sound very nice.  --Vitenka (quietly fuming about being on a no candy diet)

Don't you just hate people who can stuff MintMunchies into their faces all day long and twice on Sundays and not ever put on any weight ever, remaining slim and pixie-like unto the end of the world?
Um, no.  I (usually) am one :)  --Vitenka
appart from the 'pixie-like' bit... -- Senji
I'm sorry, I'm more pixie-like than I am slim.  Hang on, that's a BadThing isn't it?  --Vitenka (SproingSproingSproing)
Also no, for the same reason. E'en with the pixie-like part, on occasions... --StuartFraser

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