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Game inspired by CH on page StarWars, involving guessing a tune from its representation in doos and des in a completely text-based medium.

Hopefully an easy example to start with, although I've no idea because it's a bit subjective.

Doooo... dodododo doo-doo, dodododo doo-doo
dodododo do Dedededededede doooo... dodododo doo-doo (and so on)

FlameRider can only make a vague guess at Chitty-chitty bang-bang, but doubts it's correct, since some of it doesn't seem to fit.
Not what I had in mind --Rachael

The Wedding March? --qqzm
Could be 'Snowman'?  --Vitenka
No; and just to show how horrendously subjective this game is, I can't make either of those guesses fit ^^;; FlameRider is closest so far, in that the rhythm of the "dodododo doo-doo" in the answer is pretty much the same as that of the "dodododo doo-doo" in ChittyChittyBangBang? (to my limited sense of rhythm.) A hint, then, since this game evidently won't work without them: c'est quelquechose un peu plus ... européenne. --Rachael
Ah, I see. It would appear that I can get the answer to this. I'll post one in my lunch break. --CH
Careful with your hints, people. I at least have been able to make one guess, based on the "subtle" comment from someone who's solved it, for each of this and the /WithNotes version, and verify that the guess was correct without being able to guess the tune before that point. (I edited Chris's comment to make it fractionally less blatant.) --AlexChurchill
That's why I think a separate discussion page might be a good idea; it's very difficult to indicate a guess to the question-setter without giving the answer away to everyone else, as I discovered on /WithNotes. --Rachael
My apologies. I perhaps did go a little OTT. --CH

Ok - how about this one?
Dm d'd'd' dum, dum dum dum
Dum d'd'd' dum, dum dum dum
Dum d'd'd' dum, dum dum dum
Dum d'd'd' daa, dum dum dum
De Daa, do do doo

It's the Doctor Who theme.
No, it isn't. --CH

It should be the James Bond Theme. But I don't think it is.

AlexChurchill wonders if anyone can guess this: Doodundun doodundun, dedoop dodoop dudelidoo - doo!
Yes. But only because I know you and your parents too well. --Rachael, trying to be more subtle this time
Yeah, that ones not too difficult... -- Xarak
Yes, that's visible. --Requiem

I think I'd like to set something of a challenge: I'd like to see anyone do the main theme of Mars from Holst's the Planets in this form.  --FR

Dum d'd'd' Dum d'd'd' Dum Dum Dum is about all you need....

What? It's clearly "Dum... Dum DUM...  .  . . . Dum... dum DUM... DUM DUM... DUM DUM...  .  . . ." --Requiem
I think actually it's more like 'D-d-d-dum. Dum. Dum. Du-du-dum.  D-d-d-dum. Dum. Du-du-dum.'  etc.  My point was that random triplets are pretty much impossible to portray in this format.  --FR

CategoryMusic CategoryGames
SeeAlso: /WithNotes.
This is also playable (and distictly easier) /WithWords? - give a small and not-especially-obvious section of lyric for the song to be named.

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