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Sticking NoIndex on a page makes the wiki place
 <META NAME='robots' CONTENT='noindex,nocache,noarchive,nofollow'>
in that page's header.

Could do with a NoIndex on all the generated pages, such as the unreified links list, too - but there's no obvious way I can put one there.  MaintainMe?  --Vitenka
All the generated pages should be excluded by the [robots.txt] based on their URL form. --MoonShadow
Ah, k.  Still might be nice to mke it more obvious to the reader, but hardly important.  --Vitenka (I take it you got hit by the Chinese wiki SandBox spammer whilst I was away?)
He was trying to advertise Russian women looking for husbands somewhere other than Russia... - SunKitten
But.. that's even OnTopic? for this wiki!  He must be slipping.  ;)  --Vitenka
There were three distinct spams: Russian women introductions, some casino online site, and a Chinese page. --AlexChurchill

Apparently there are now more billionaires in Moscow than any other city.  --PlasmonPerson
Yes, there's a [lot of interesting goings-on] there now.. - MoonShadow

What about Nigeria?  (Although apparantly they just arrested a bunch of those, which is odd since I thought that most of them were actually from holland.)  --Vitenka  (Nigeria and Holland being, of course, famous cities.  I probably meant Abuja, but I didn't know that until just now)

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