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A frequent occurence in bad fanfiction and MarySues.  It also features in some good fanfiction, usually for humourous intent.

Also features in the Alien/Aliens series of films.
Ew. --CH

If you were (or are) a character in a story and someone wrote a bad fanfic of you, what would your most OOC response be?

Kazuhiko: I just love this Shounen Anime...  Who needs plot and character development when you can have FightOfTheWeek?
AlexChurchill: You know, I've been thinking I'm surrounded by too much modern technology. I need to take a holiday, get away from it all, leave the Internet and Nokkette behind.
Senji: Pass me that razor?
MikeJeggo: I don't think I take life seriously enough, I should stop trying to make so many witticisms, especially puns.
PeterTaylor: In the office at nine a.m.? No problem.
TsundereLightning: No, I've never thought about what it would be like to be a girl.  That's disgusting.
Tsunami: mwoahahahahahahaha, fear me now all you pathetic minions or I shall crush you like the worthless worms you are! (oh, you mean OUT of character!)
Pallando: Hey, Author!  Little do you know, but you only think I am your helpless creature to write as you will.  In fact, I am writing you, and having myself feature in a story written by you, my character, is my way of putting in a guest appearance in my own work.  I shall prove this by predicting that hilarity is about to ensue over your so-called love life. *pause* No, no, just kidding.  But truth: it's good to be nice to each other, neh?
Surely you mean: I don't think I know this game - could someone explain the rules to me? --Admiral

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StuartFraser and Sally once had these lines assigned to them (albeit three and four years ago respectively)
StuartFraser: I'll go through this slowly
Sally: I don't want to talk about that

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