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Things are going to change around here...

El Presidente!
El Presidente dice '!Todo el mundo comerá mis plátanos!' !Muhahaha?!
Todo su presidente es pertenece a mí.
Usted no tiene ninguna ocasión de sobrevivir hace su tiempo.
Ay, mi madre. El pescado no sabe muy bien el castellano.
Aunque esta vez, el pescado ha traducido precisemende el sentido de la versión 'inglesa'.  (Espero a leger que yo no sabe muy bien el castellano :)
Si entienda lo que quieres decir, te digo que tienes razon.

Eso es porque alguien lo fijó encima de la bomba. Usted debe mover "'zig" para la gran justicia.
Qué fijó?

An EvilOverlord in MobilePhone form. Just to make it clear, I run Microsoft Windows and am TryingToTakeOverTheWorld. And will succeed. Any questions?
Can I run America for you? --Tsunami (evil cackle TM)

Question #1) Will the NokkyQuotes pages have their name changed to reflect your (obviously far superior) quote-gathering role, and if so what will their new name be? --MJ

Question #2) Will you ever get a sex change and how will we tell? --Edith

Rachael is considering getting a new MobileBrain.
The one I have in mind is very similar to PresidentEvil, but silver instead of black. So I was trying to think of a name for it which was an anagram of PresidentEvil, preferably with "silver" in the name. Haven't yet come up with anything better than "Silver Edit Pen" or "Deep Silver Tin", both of which are quite cool but not names I necessarily want for my phone. However, in the process I'm discovering PresidentEvil to be one of the most anagramatically fertile names around, with such pleasing possibilities as "Delivers net IP" :) (Cool! --AC) and "Insipid leveret". I want to play with this all afternoon but ought to get back to work...

"Silverpedient" may not be a word, but... it should be :) --AC
"I present...Devil!" or some kind of snake that feeds on your primitive instincts... the "vile id serpent". --qqzm


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