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Famous BoardGame where you push little counters around attempting to conquer the world.  You get new armies, at first slowly, but as you conquer more and more countries (and get sets of continents) faster - usually leading to a horrible blitzkreig at the end.
There's also a system of cards which (in some versions of the rules) enforce this blitz by ramping up the number of units you get over time exponentially.  Other versions of the rules make the number of units awarded for cards a constant, thus making them far less important in the EndGame?.  --Vitenka
When the cards give increasing numbers of troops it can create a rather odd endgame - you get weird bits where one person will deploy 30 and overrun the entire board bar one country, and then the next person will trade their cards in for 40 troops and annihilate everything from that one country.  In this case it has all come down to turn sequence and, disturbingly often, who controls australasia... :-)  --Jumlian
Usually I see the first strike winning.  Do you not play that knocking a player out has you steal their cards?  --Vitenka
Can't remember.  I'd have to consult my RISK campaign book.  (well, I rolled a six and a three.....)  ;-)  --Jumlian
Last time I played this at GamesEvening, I won.  So that makes me Emperor of the World.  Bow before me, my minions. -- M-A

Beware the Ides of March... :-)
Surely Empress?
Are you aspiring to become SheWhoMustBeObeyed then, M-A?

The Lord of the Rings Version is very good with new cards that allow you to do special things in special situations as well as forts and inspirational leaders. A good movie spin off for once. -- King DJ

No it's not, it's awful, because good has no chance. Evil only needs to worry about one front, because their territories border the edge of the board, but good has the coast and so can be attacked from that direction too. --PlasmonPerson
That is why evil has low yield continents (except the Mirkwood which is difficult to take and hold in 4 player). That's a point I have only ever played four player games. Perhaps it is unbalanced in two player but four player is great fun.-- King DJ
I played it in 3-player mode as Good and ended up winning, thanks to a combination of position, luck and politics. Pretty much the same factors that affect normal Risk, really. It seemed okay, but what I'd really like to find out more about is Risk 2210, the one with a separate Moonbases board. --AlexChurchill

Now that sounds like fun!--King DJ


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