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You all know the two rules of film making, right?

1. It's better if you add monkeys.
2. It's better with JackieChan.

Well, this is the third rule:
3. It's better with a sarcastic cat, that talks (at least to the audience)  Being a cat, and talking, are optional.

Every show needs one!  Far too few shows have them.

Except, oddly, every show for small children.

It is notable that a number of recent anime series can be effectively summarised simply by describing the nature of the SarcasticTalkingCat contained therein --Kazuhiko

Who is neither sarcastic, nor talking, nor a cat.
Hence fitting the AnimeStyle? of the definition perfectly.
He has wings...  If you know any cats like this, please let me know...  (of course, that would just mean I suffered an allergic reaction to the feathers and the fur, but it would still be pretty cute...) --Kazuhiko
C'mon, most JapaneseCats? have wings.  You can't count that against him.  Being some sort of mis-shaped teddy bear of CuteEvil?, yes.  Wings, no.  --Vitenka

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