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Hello, good to see you! *waves* Do I gather you're still in the Far East from your IP address? --AlexChurchill

Yeup - for the next year, probably. DuctTapeAndTheForce has enticed me in at last.
Yay!! Welcome! --Rachael
Oh Stephen!!! Hellooo! Big hugs! :) -- x PsychoBabe

Formerly of MagdaleneCollege, CCMS and CICCU. Long time lurker since Rachael started going out with AlexChurchill (which you may or may not view as an example of [Romans 8:28]

I feature a few times in Rachael/Quotes, and am pleased to have found a kindred spirit in ChrisHowlett. I currently reside in Taiwan, where I am attempting to combine part-time missionary work with teaching children to speak American.
I'm honoured, I suspect... what about me strikes a chord? --ChrisHowlett
See Rachael/Quotes
Ah, indeed - nice to have found the originator of that quote. And, as it happens, I intend to prove that true later this summer! --CH
I spend far too much of my time playing old computer games downloaded from [Underdogs], but console myself with the thought that this is only because of the local absence of a GamesEvening, and not because I lack a WellRoundedPersonality?.


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