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Not to be confused with ThunderBirds?, ThunderBird is the blue cousin of the FireBird? and looks like a duck.

CCG jokes aside for a moment - this is actually a pretty good mail client.

All the usual features are there - including a learning spam-filter that gets progressively better.

It has some missing features ('get mail from all my accounts' being the most glaring) - but these can be remedied by plugins.

It doesn't merge all accounts into one inbox.  But it does have powerful message filtering rules.

It does have the ability to leave messages on the server, and only download them if your rules allow it or you click on them - but this feature is currently dangerously broken.  The ReadMe says to not risk it.

Unlike FireBird?, it's not unusably slow.  The option to turn off HTML email is fairly well hidden, but it is there.  (Add domain '*' to your defaults list) Sadly, it default to sending HTML.  Change that before use.

Fast, effective, correctly imports your existing mail folders from lookout...  I heartily recommend this.  Its only problem is that the spam filter is so good, my 'give me mail' button is no longer functional.

(Opera's mail client is becoming unusably crashy for me.)

Currently up to [Version nine] (that link should always go to the latest one) and has a wonderful new feature - built in RSS.


There now appears to be a way of [getting rid of those coloured bars] in mail quotes... (not yet tested it) --K

I use ThunderBird because I know no self-respecting geek ought to use Outlook, but TBH there are so many irritating usability glitches in ThunderBird that I'm tempted to go back to Outlook or OutlookExpress?. For example:
Maybe I just have a different version of Thunderbird, but this works for me - although the files have to be dragged into the area with the email addresses etc rather than the body. --Edwin

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