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Dominic Deegan

Location: http://www.dominic-deegan.com/
Updates: Daily (Monday to Friday)
Actually Updates: Near-daily
Rating: PG or 12
Recommended by: Mjb67, PeterTaylor, SunKitten, Kazuhiko, AlexChurchill, Vitenka, MoonShadow, ChrisHowlett, Garbled
Example Strip: [1]

Note for anyone planning to start reading this...  Start at the [beginning], not the current pages...  Major spoilers occurring at the moment.

Simple art, simple plot, actual humour.  Ok, so it stars a sarcastic fortune teller and his cat.  How could I not enjoy?
Damn you, that's more of my spare time gone :)
Wow, yes. That's magnificent - genuinely funny jokes, great and well-developed characters, entertaining plot that's obviously been worked out well in advance. I have a new regular read :) --AC

"What can I say? I'm an optimist."
"Oh, you poor thing."

If the Dominic Deegan comic was ever mirrored, would it have second-site? --Kazuhiko
Bad Kazu! - SunKitten

"I trust that you realize that I am evil, and a Necromancer, and far more likely to kill you and use your corpse for dark magic than to, say, give you a hug?"
Yes, I know it's from [fan-art] rather than the actual comic, but it's still one of my favourite quotes :) --Kazuhiko

Has anyone else noticed that Dominic Deegan seems to have gone down after about one day in its new location?  Or is this just me? --Kazuhiko
Now back up.  Was a DNS issue apparently.  As to the comic itself, why am I not suprised that he somehow managed to come back... :/ --K

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