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Errant Story

Location: http://www.errantstory.com
Updates: Mon-Wed-Fri
Rating: 15  Jubbly bits and 'yo momma was a whore' jokes, as well as LightningBolt?(s) to the pussy (cat)
Archives: Not many so far -- only been going for a few months.
Recommended by: Vitenka, TheInquisitor, Requiem
Recommended against by: Kazuhiko, PeterTaylor
Example Strip: []

An evil quest in a magical world, written and drawn by poe of /ExploitationNow? fame.
'Written' is perhaps too generous; there's a bunch of almost-dialogue-less and hard-to-follow action scenes, a huge wodge of unsubtle, cringeworthy exposition, and a shot of the main character's underwear, possibly including some humorous references to child-rape. Repeat.
Harsh, yet fair.  Sarcastic talking cat sold me on this one.
Though he's not as funny as the one in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch''

Yet another webcomic where the art is much better than the writing, which barely deserves the term. Cliche is piled upon clumsy exposition upon stereotype.

Why oh why is the talent for drawing wasted on those who cannot write?

Webcomics shouldn't start with infodumps! -- Senji

Why not? I rather liked it - SunKitten

I liked it despite the infodump.  Infodumps tend to feel forced - why are these characters talking about all these (to them) obvious things? -- Senji

I suppose it could feel that way. I didn't notice that. I wasn't expecting Meji, though, not after all that doom and gloom ^^;; - SunKitten

Having said that - jumping straight into the thick of things can leave the reader confused.  I guess it's slightly different on the web, but offline you can always skip the boring 'the way things are' chapter, and come back to it when you need something explaining.  Having said that, my current plot intends to never explain anything.  This is partially because I want to avoid (as much as possible) having the main characters in the panel.  Which is mainly because I cannae draw.  Still, nice comic.  Thanks.

I actually rather enjoy this, and http://www.exploitationnow.com, which was the previous thing Poe produced. Not in a 'this is a great work of literature' way, more as something fun and rather silly. For more serious entertainment, I'd rather not read webcomics, simply because I can't handle plots unfolding that slowly (or rather bittily). So no, the writing isn't up to much, but yes, I like it that way. YMMV, of course. -- TheInquisitor (I enjoy it - you may well not. Isn't life diverse?)

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