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Location: http://freefall.purrsia.com
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Actually Updates: Always on time, I think.
Archives: Lots, take a while to go through them all.
Rating: U
Recommended by: M-A, Angoel, Kazuhiko, Vitenka
Example Strip: [I agree. This ship has been through some rough times. But I'm pretty sure she's still spaceworthy.]
[Oh, hush, or I'm not going to let you alter social structures on a planetary scale with me any more.]
[On the worst thing which could happen to a robot.]

You have a robot and a cute alien with no morals running a spaceship.  They nick an engineer to help them get it launched.  She's a Bowmans Wolf, one of a set of prototypes of humanoid wolves.  She has lots of morals about things like not ripping people off, killing them or stealing from them.  They start to rub off (which Sam, the alien, is rather confused by).

But forget the morals stuff.  That's not the point.  If you read through the archives, you'll read in (just about) real time - the story moves at about 1 day per year of strips, so you get all the dialog of all the characters for the whole day.  Which is quite fun.  :)

Very good fun.  Nowhere near enough of it.  Yet another comic gets added to my check-list *sigh* :) --Kazuhiko
Damn. It's good. And yes, the punctuation there is right. --ChrisHowlett

Sam is spaceborne! Nowhere is safe! (and it only took five years)

Appears in Colour nowadays.  Very strange.

It is rare that I'm sufficiently motivated to rave about a webcomic, but I've been REALLY impressed by the quality of writing in the most recent story arc.  Very geeky but also very moving.  I so want to see Florence's situation improve.  If you've not followed it for a while, the scene I'm talking about is roughly 130 strips long, and starts [here]--Pallando
+1 --Admiral

I think the above "Sam has no morals and Florence has lots of morals" is wrong.  I think Sam is Chaos.  He is "freedom" embodied.  Florence is Order.  She is "goodness" embodied.  Sam has morals, they just are not human morals.  What Florence has are a lot of behavioural inhibitions, and not all of them are of her own devising.  Anyone agree or disagree ?  --Pallando

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