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Edith's campaign. Currently I'm running a prelude with Inquisitor, NickTaylor, Gwyntar and Senji but I'm hoping to run it in term time. If the pre-sign-up list wasn't scary then I'd be putting up a sign-up list at the CURS squash and then on the wiki but I probably already have too many players as it is.

Plot: Two and a half years ago the Deathlord known as The General sent his newly created Abyssal Exalted away with the command, "Go away and become better servants to me. I will call you when the time is ripe," and proceeded to work on a plan of utmost importance and become rather isolated. None of his Abyssal servants have spoken with him since. Now he has recalled his champions, the time is ripe and his plan is ready. But what in Malfeas is it?
Is it a _cunning_ plan? -- Gwyntar
It is a plan of such consumate cunningness that you could stick.... are we gonna have to go through that set of jokes every time someone uses the word cunning on this wiki?  --Vitenka
You could just fill in ObCunningPlanJoke --Gwyntar
For the love of... -You don't know how cunning the plan is. Maybe he's just thought it would be a good idea to run naked towards the enemy screaming and wielding big swords. (Cunning. - tjm) Then again given he's a 1000+ year old ghost of a genius first age warlord and has been spending two and a half years coming up with it your characters suspect not. --Edith
No comment --SF, who has a vague idea how cunning this plan is. Although of course, he can't see it in the stars, which is a shame...
The fact that he's just told us to destroy the most powerful effing-large-sword(TM) in the world might suggest that Edith's suggestion is probably wrong.  -- Senji

The players are of course playing the part of the Abyssal servants, the game is a political one with about 90% of the planned sessions in creation. I want to run it during term-time over the next year or so and might be tempted to use this wiki as a place to record related events or possibly just leave it be.

And yes. I named my campaign before we named our house.

The Plot to date:

Those players who took part in the prelude should feel free to post the events here but I intend to start recording bits from the start of the campaign proper. Feel free to expand on the session descriptions. I don't intend to write very much for them - Edith

Session 1: The PCs were brought before their deathlord, The General, and told to go to a far off Realm satrapy called Andalusite and subvert it for his plan. Basically The General wants an ally in the mortal world he can use to strike into creation, so the PCs have to negotiate and subvert rather than just kill everything in sight.
The PCs were then given a similicrum of The General by his servant Heartless Raven (another Abyssal) so they could fake the General being where he is not. Thus fooling his enemies.
Then the PCs traveled to a small shadowland in Andalusite where they plotted for several hours about their next moves.
Spot the MinSci --SF

Journal of the LordOfStorms (Well hopefully)

Player handouts:

I do stupid amounts of player handouts, those which are public and easily wikiable can be found below for reference and general amusement:


During the Christmas Break there will be an interlude of Echoes. This will run on Monday 12th and Friday 18th from 6:30pm onwards with two more sessions in January.

Character creation can be done away from sessions or from 3-6pm on the Monday.

So far I have playing:

Ewan - January Sessions
Requiem - Every Session
Tony (Artan) - 1st Session and January
TI - Every Session
NT - 1st and January Sessions
SF - January Sessions
Gwyntar - December Sessions at least

If I've missed anyone off please do tell me as well as adding your name here.

The plot of the Interlude goes something like this:

The PCs are all Dragon-Blooded members of the Wyld Hunt based in the Mnemnon-held city of Carparum with the 2nd Legion (also Mnemnon sponsored). During the past few months there have been several reports of possible anathema activity in the Cynis-held kingdom to the south. Normally the proper approach would be to either wait on information from the AllSeeingEye or to send in the legion and conduct a full search. Unfortunetally political considerations prevent the latter and the former... well, lets just say the AllSeeingEye might just have been compromised.

Therefore a small group of Exalts have been gathered together to travel south and investigate personally. To avoid any accuations of a Mnemnon plot against Cynis the group is made of none-Mnemnon members of the Hunt. Their task is simple: Find out what the hell is going on. Kill it if you can. Otherwise call for the legions.



RPG; see also Oblivion

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