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Things that are animated but not in CategoryAnime (click title to see some; video/film/TV, not flash or gif - those would go under CategoryWeb or CategoryTimeSink or both, unless exceptionally good and probably non-interactive).

What's the difference between this and CategoryAnime? Does the Wiki need both?
If you don't know what anime is, you won't ever need to use CategoryAnime. People who do, though, would (I suspect) prefer to make the distinction. - MoonShadow

Click the title and see... --M-A
Well, since TheGoodOldDays/Cartoons isn't (mostly) anime...

Yes, but is there a difference you can define? Or is it just a case of looking at each individual thing and saying 'this is anime, this is animation'? And if you do that, what clues do you look for?
I guess you could ask yourself "Does this look like it was drawn by someone Japanese?" --M-A
Didn't we already have this discussion?  --Vitenka
Yes - see CategoryAnime. MoonShadow
Ah yes. Where it was decided that quite a lot of Japanese animation is not, in fact, anime. But that can't be right -- can it?

Why not? If you don't *know* what anime is, why not accept that it doesn't have to include all Japanese cartoons? If you do know, why are you being ornery? - MoonShadow

Just checking, just checking. So, which Japanese cartoons mentioned on the Wiki are anime and which aren't?

There are no Japanese cartoons mentioned on the wiki at the time of writing. Only anime and english cartoons and animations. - MoonShadow

I can't get into anime, cause my school computer filters it.. but I really want to rant on about how cool MahoutsukaiTai is ^^;;;. isn't MahoutsukaiTai great?!! --Denji
Slap the rant on your homepage, or a subpage of it ^^ - MoonShadow


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