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This is a virus

Unfortunately, I'm not a very good programmer, so please forward this to everyone in your address book and then format your machine.

Thank you.

Nooo! You fiend! -- Xarak

Note for the hard of understanding: TIAJ

If someone has the full version of the above, or a varient thereof, please attach/overwrite as appropriate. -- Kazuhiko

I've had the buggy version before. It read,
  1. Please delete everything on your machine
  2. Please forward this to everyone in your address book.
-- MoonShadow

Suffers from the same problem as the [Script to Destroy the Universe], then. --AlexChurchill
I've just realised that actually, it doesn't.  The Amish virus (as it has otherwise been named) could quite reasonably make the assumption that its hosts have address books external to their computers.  --Vitenka

AR - I read that as Suffers from the same problem as the "Script To Destroy The Universe, then AlexChurchill".  For my part, I am pleased that this script suffers problems.
Me too, the universe is where I keep all my stuff.

That would also infer that Alex is not part of the Universe.  No surprise there, then, I guess. -- Kazuhiko
It does explain a great deal... for example about where Nokky comes from.  He obviously has certain Tardis-like properties...  MikeJeggo
Idly procrastinating over a Physics example sheet, StuartFraser wonders whether MikeJeggo refers to AlexChurchill or Nokky with the "He" in the previous sentence
*Kazuhiko is now suffering from images of AlexChurchill making TARDIS sound effects as he fades into and out of SpaceTime*
I was referring to Nokky as it happens.  While I don't think AlexChurchill comes from a different dimension, I certainly do not rule out an extraterrestrial origin ;)  (Although then again, Alex and I have been considered the same person.  If in spite of this we lead separate existences at the same time, maybe other dimensions have to be involved.  And my terrestrial origins are also cast into doubt :) --MikeJeggo
As I recall, meeting any incarnation of yourself was a serious transgression of the LawsOfTime... I wonder what kind of damage has been done to the fabric of SpaceTime by allowing AlexChurchill and MikeJeggo to meet? --Oneiros
Quite a lot, I'd imagine.  I don't think that had anything to do with their being the same person, though. -- NickTaylor
You mean there are people who don't doubt your terrestrial origins, Mike? -- Bobacus
My parents don't doubt my terrestrial origins >:> --MikeJeggo
What about your grandparents B-> -- Bobacus

Kazuhiko ponders setting up two pages that #REDIRECT onto each other (probably along the lines of CircularReference, etc.) and then redirecting the RecentChanges page onto one of them.  Kazuhiko decides this would be a good way of getting himself attacked by an AngryMob of ToothyWikizens.

Doesn't work. See SandBox/Evil1 and SandBox/Evil2. -- MoonShadow

As a brief moment of sanity - this term is being used (at least on this wiki) to mean "Bad nasty script" as well as its more usual meaning of EMCAScript (neé JavaScript) - on the basis that whenever you add the abilty to execute data (as many wiki features do) you introduce the possibility of people breaking things in all sorts of new ways.  MSOffice MacroVirus? are good examples.  --Vitenka

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