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The empire of the /DragonBlooded, the Realm, dominates creation. Its magical defenses make the continent/island which is its base unapproachable, let alone impregnable, and the legions of the Scarlet Throne issue forth to dictate to the lesser states of the periphery how things should be run. The Wyld Hunt keeps the other Exalted in their place, and the /DragonBlooded rule, as is their right.

Then the Empress disappeared, and now the Realm is on the brink of civil war. External foes scent the weakness too, and gather their strength.

The /DragonBlooded are the Realm's champions; weakest of the Exalted, but most numerous as their powers are inherited, not bestowed. They are vunerable alone, but their elemental powers combine with their numbers to make their armies unstoppable...when they are united.

CURS ran a /DragonBlooded campaign last year: /LastFlightOfTheRavens

What are the different elements, and what effect on character types and abilities do they have? --AlexChurchill
Five elements, argue at will over whether it is earth or metal and what the fifth one really means :)  --Vitenka
The silly answer is thus:
Quintessence is the fifth element because it comes fifth. Air, Earth, Fire, Money, Quintessence, Water, Wood. It's alphabetically organized based on English, which is the language of She Who Lives in Her Name. In case you didn't notice, her name is an English phrase. --RebeccaBorgstrom.
The less silly answer is: Air (knowledge), Earth (stability), Fire (change), Water (trickery), Wood (nature) -- Senji
It's a bit hard to categorise Exalted Aspects or Castes by standard RPG 'class', because it's made so that you can make any kind of archetype with any caste. For example, my Dragon-Blooded rather-too-powerful fighter is Water-aspected. In general though, Air make good sorcerers and assassins, Water make good politics types and brawlers, Fire make good social manipulators and swordsmen, Earth make good craftsmen and tough beatdown artists, and Wood make good healers and archers. --Requiem
I stand by Fire(combat) given the way that DBs treat social situations.  -- Senji

It should be noted that the 25 Abilities are the same across the Exalted types, but their distribution varies. Dragon-Blooded split it as:

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