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Magical Technology - that is, technology that is powered by magic rather than by electricity. 

Not the same thing as the SufficientlyAdvancedTechnology? quote at all.

Seen in:
Yeah, six explicitly names them MagiTech but technology-that-is-powered-by-magic is prevalent in all of them - Seven's whole society runs on the stuff. --Vitenka
Really?  I thought FinalFantasy 7's technology got its power from electricity from power plants and stuff. Sure, there was magic around as well, but "a universe where both magic and technology are common" is not at all the same thing as MagiTech...?  --AlexChurchill, wondering if he's confused
Nope - those power plants ran on mako - the magical energy.  They killed the surrounding areas to make electricity.  --Vitenka
Of course they did.  Sorry, you're right.  --AC
I suggest you give a couple of examples so that we can decide. --AC
I just knew you'd ask and I can't remember the names.  {remembers the names}  Ok ;)  The one I reviewed recently as being all CGI and unutterably awful, for a start.  Scryed for a second.  FlowerPolice? - whatever it's really called.  The one with the pink mecha - though that's also SteamPunk and is only directed by psychics.  --Vitenka

Is this in fact just a manifestation of the "magical power source" as discussed on MagicalMineral?
Sort of - but moreso.  If the MagicalMineral just powers swords and armour and dragons then it's not magitech.  If you throw it into your car to make it go, then yes.  --Vitenka (I thought the MagicalMineral was more usually a thing you made stuff out of, not something you used as a power-source.  Unless BlueCrystal is a subset of MagicalMineral)  --Vitenka

CategoryPlotElement, SciFi; see also: CategoryBooks, SteamPunk, MagicalMineral.

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