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MayBalls are held in June, during MayWeek.

Some colleges hold theirs every year; some once every other year; some once in a BlueMoon?.

Every year:
RobinsonCollege (the smallest and cheapest of the every-year MayBalls)

Every other year:
JesusCollege - but they've been disrupted by missing 1999, and so had 2002 as well as 2001, and 2003. They may conceivably run 2004 and officially become an annual event, however.
It's more confusing than that.  They seem to be a bit random, as there were balls in 1998 and 2000, with an ent in '99.  So whether they have now officially gone annual or not isn't clear, but it's looking like it.  MJ
Do you really mean "an ent"? If so, could you explain what it means, 'cos it clearly isn't a giant walking tree in this context? Ta.. - a confused MoonShadow
"Ent" in the context being an [abbreviation] for either "Event" or "Entertainment" - it was never quite spelled out which, if it didn't in fact mean both.  MJ
EmmanuelCollege used to be biennial, but was banned a few years back for excessive noise. This year is the first one out of the ban, so we may be back to biennialness. The off years were a smaller JuneEvent?.

and others.

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