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*sweet innocent expression*

*puts paws on your leg and looks cute*

*claws sink into your flesh*

Also known as MurphyTheSphericalHuntingCat?. She likes her food.

AlexChurchill: We were discussing cats today, and the thought came up that cats and snakes could potentially make great symbiosis as pets. If MurphyTheTrainedHuntingCat were anything like the ChurchillCats?, she'd be frequently catching mice and leaving them as presents on your doorstep, at which point you could feed them to CinnamonTheTrainedSleepingSnake.  The family Rayner asked how Murphy and Cinnamon get on... what do they think of each other?  How does Murphy react when she's around when Cinnamon comes out of her tank?  For that matter, how does Cinnamon react?

Cinnamon seems pretty much oblivious to everything except as pretty coloured shapes that move. She doesn't mind being picked up unless she's sloughing. I've never allowed her close to Murphy. Murphy finds Cinnamon's tank very interesting, and Cinnamon's shed skins evoked a hissing, bouncing reaction. OTOH, when Cinnamon escaped and hid under the table, the cats ignored her completely. Murphy does seem interested in Cinnamon when she's out, but it's a normal interest - not particularly malevolent.
So, mutual ignorance, I think.
I couldn't feed caught mice to Cinnamon, though - for one thing, Murphy is too lazy to catch anything, and for another, wild mice carry diseases I'd rather Cinnamon didn't get. And, for some bizarre reason, she prefers white mice - SunKitten

She has pledged to stop Cinderella from reaching the ball?
You've been watching way too much shoujo, in particular PrincessTutu. Take two DriedFrogPills and watch three episodes of HikaruNoGo or GreatTeacherOnizuka :))
I suspect it's because the pet shops in Sheffield only had white mice for snake food, so it's just what she's used to. The shops in Cambridge have a wider variety, which disconcerts her. Snakes are fussy enough eaters that I don't mind pandering to this particular weird preference to make sure she eats :) - SunKitten

Image: 70  Image: 53

Exhibited above are "Murphy on the hunt" and "Murphy with prey"...
She's so cuuuute! - SunKitten
Thus proving Murphy's mind control techniques are working as expected - Kazuhiko

Does she comply with the [Cat Operating Manual]? (Warning: Contains ReallyBadPuns?...)

Murphy died the morning of 2nd October 2003, after being hit by a car the night before.
Goodbye Murphy. We miss you.

CategoryPrincess or CategoryMonster (or possibly both?)
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