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Hikaru No Go - an anime (and manga) about a high school boy who finds an oddly blood-stained goban (Go board) in his Grandfather's attic. The goban is home to a ghost named Fujiwarano Sai, a master Go player of long years ago who has not left this world because he yearns so much to play Go again. Sai teaches the at-first-reluctant Hikaru how to play Go. In the first episode of the anime, Hikaru (Sai) takes on and beats a boy his own age named Touya Akira. Akira is the son of the current Meijin (a title in the Go world) and has practically never been beaten - certainly not by a boy who says it is his first time playing. The story follows Hikaru as he gets drawn into the Go world.

I've only seen the first episode of the series, and it looks quite good. However, I have read up to half-way through volume 16 of the manga (ScanLations [here]). It is technically Shounen, having been published in ShounenJump, but the battle-per-chapter has been replaced by a Go-game-per-chapter, which is oddly enough quite fun to read (and I have played two games of Go in my entire life). It's also very well drawn.

(I read the above, having seen the last editor to be MoonShadow and was extremely puzzled by the 'two games of Go'! :) -- Kazuhiko

Fairly certain Moonshadow's played more than two games of Go by this point. ^^  Happiness is being in the throes of Hikaru no Go addiction and knowing that the next time your friend comes to visit you, she'll have five more DVDs of it to consume and mutually squeal over. --Nataku

Unless you have a severe allergy to FanFiction go read [Seance de Go]. (contains spoilers for vol 15 of the manga) (and some hideously high episode of the anime) --Kazuhiko

Note for those who follow such things: [Toriyama World] now has the scanlations complete up to the end of volume 19. --Kazuhiko

Viz LLC have apparantly licensed this now. (See [Toriyama World] ). -- Senji

For all things, there is a WebComic[Wish3]

If this doesn't go against some part of this site's policy (or even if it does, albeit temporarily ^_^;) The entirety of the anime in fansub form can be found [here].
I'd be very very surprised if Hikaru gets licensed.  It's not exactly an easy sell to a distributor.  Though this may be because distibutors don't understand their market.  ("So what is go?" "Uh, it's a board game.  Like chess."  "Who would buy films about chess?"  "The same kind of people who watch anime, sir.  Geeks.")  --Vitenka (Who adores the series - watch out for the only decent portrayal of the internet in any medium ever!)
Amusingly enough, Hikaru no Go has been licensed, and the first DVD is out already. The second DVD is set for release on March 28th, 2005, so we can obviously expect the anime to be released nearly as slowly as the manga is. Viz is running the show, under the Shonen Jump label. --Michi
And as for "watch out for the only decent portrayal of the internet in any medium ever", how does it compare with the surpassing weirdness, otakuness, yet warmth of the Aladdin Channel in DenshaOtoko? :) --AC
Yup, I'll have to add that as a second valid portrayal.  --Vitenka

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