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Full name Negima!  Magister Negi Magi

A manga by Ken Akamatsu, who is most famous for LoveHina.

More HaremAnime.  And rather too similar to LoveHina, in fact.  Look at a picture of the main female character, she is exactly the same as Naru.  But I digress.

Revolves around a SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter named Negi Springfield, although in this case he is socially inept because he is a nine year old boy genius from Wales who teaches English at an all girls school in Japan, and all the girls are around six years older than him.  It's culture shock rather than anything else.  Oh, and he's a wizard.  Sorry, did I forget to mention that?

Yeah, it's all strange.  He lives with two of the girls in his class, Asuna and Konoka (the latter being the dean's grand-daughter, so there's the suitably tenuous excuse).  Having said that, it's a boarding school, and while the three of them live in one set of rooms, the other girls aren't far away. 

Anyway, it is very similar to LoveHina, including (I suspect and fear) the ongoing debate about whether it's shonen or shoujo.  And the same arguments prevail.  While it is heavilly plot oriented, blah blah, there is gratuitous stuff, fanservice etc. (Note in particular the way that Negi, no doubt due to his magical abilities, either wafts the girls' skirts or tears their clothes straight off whenever he sneezes.  Having read more, I found out that he is casting a spell by mistake when he does this: 'Wind Flower, Disarm Weapon' is supposed to be a disarmament spell.  How very convenient :-))

On the other hand, there's less violence.  You kind of get used to the violence in LoveHina until you begin to think it's a natural reaction, but it's absent here, along with the cries of 'pervert'.  I think this is probably a good thing.

OP = FlameRider, IIRC

Someone who knows something about Japanese, can you tell me something?  The main female character in Negima is Asuna, but I wondered if it would be pronounced Asna, in the same way that Asuka is pronounced Aska in NeonGenesisEvangelion.  Could someone confirm or... whatever the opposite of confirm is, please?
It's quite likely that Asuna unstressed and pronounced quickly would turn into Asna, yes. A number of Japanese syllables will happily surrender their vowel sound and turn into just a consonant when unstressed. This includes SHI, CHI, TO/DO, and most kana in the -U column (KU/GU, SU/ZU, TSU, FU/BU/PU, MU, RU). However, if she's anything like Naru, it seems quite unlikely that she'll spend much time unstressed, so it may be irrelevant ~.^ --AlexChurchill
I believe that the key to whether or not one may unstress the -xu sound (x representing any consonant) is not determined by the value of x, but by what follows it.  If the -u sound is at the end of the sentence, or is followed by an unvoiced consonant sound, it may be reduced almost to nothing, but before a voiced consonant or a vowel, it may not be.  -xi may be reduced in the same way, but generally only occurs where x is different for -xi and -xu in that kana row, otherwise the -xu is preferred.  Similarly -to and -do, as this is different from both the -xu and -xi sound for this row.  But these are not supposed to be destressed as much as -xu and -xi sounds.  HTH, --MJ

My friends often insult this series by calling it "Love Hogwarts," for reasons that should be readily apparent. - ElliottBelser

Volume 1
ISBN 034547046x
Volume 2
(won't arrive until March.  Grr.)
Volume 3
ISBN 0345471806

CategoryManga; see Negima/Anime for the anime.


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