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Name: (E)Rin Trevellyn
Course: Black Arts Tripos
Species: Human
/GateRanking: Unknown
Blood Group: Unknown
Likes: Doing research on people...

Introduced in [Interlude 1], as an agent of the /MysteriousEvilDude who cast the Bug in the [very first] [couple of strips].
Presumably a student at the /UniversityOfCambridge - she has essays with nasty deadlines, anyway, as seen at [Interlude 3].

Danced with /Nagi at [the SnowBall] (and [someone else] just before then), although it seems she's not a fan of dancing from [the strip afterwards].  From the same strip, we learn that she reads /NewsGroups.
Or, alternatively, she liked the guy she danced with so much that she didn't want to dance with anyone else... "There's no-one here I want to dance with - Not any more..."  See [this story arc].

There are interesting Parallels(TM) between her introspections in the [Epilogue] and /Megaera's after locking /Shaam in the [Boiler Room].

Are you sure it's not just that they all are Manga fans? -- Senji
Very sure, for two reasons: 1) the parallel in the words is extremely strong.  Compare the thoughts from the two above-linked strips; and 2) SunKitten is devious... she wouldn't introduce a parallel - sorry - Parallel(TM) by accident!
Of course, it may well be that they're all manga fans as *well*... :) --AlexChurchill

She's obviously pretty well experienced or trained in covert investigation.  For example, she
[observed] /Kurai looking thoroughly embarrassed at the Zoology Museum's destruction (and later [reported this fact] to the /MysteriousEvilDude).
In the same strip, she's also pretty careful with her words: she reports that /Peri was "the owner of the computer which defeated the beta-type bug", indicating that she's (correctly) not sure it was /Peri herself who [defeated] the [bug].

When [instructed by her master], she [tracked down] /Peri's name, subject and college.

Well, there's [reason] to believe she was in the Assassins' Guild, so you'd expect her to have an assassin's competence as well as an assassin's good looks, style and dress sense :) - CorkScrew

Fans may wish to note that she [looks rather good] with her hair up in WitchHunterRobin-style.

Also, rather impressively, she has an HTML document saved on her computer, listing all the New Theology Undergrads, with path "C:\My Documents\ToothyCat\grad.html"... [See the evidence]!  What nefarious purposes could she have with such a document?!

You must be really bored today.. :) - SunKitten
:-P I'm just establishing my reputation as a fanboy, in case anyone wondered. Um... did I just say that??  *^^* --AC
Alas, yes.  Is a fanboy reputation something one really wants to establish?  Well, perhaps in certain cases, it seems... >:> --MikeJeggo

Do we have any proof she's actually human? Other than that she doesn't have any of the distinguishing features of the nonhumans in PhoenixFeathers, I mean. (Nor do /Sylvai, or /Peri, or even /Nagi in normal form, for that matter, so she could be fae...unfortunately the ears are wrong for Dark Elf or Drow, which would make more sense).

See also RinFanBoy and /RinFanClub.

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