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Name: Sylvai Haeren
Course: Theology
Species: Half Faerie / Half Bubblehead
Is Bubblehead a species?
You think it should be a family or genus? --Kazuhiko
Blood Group: As yet unknown
Likes: Love letters / (bad) love poetry
First seen: [Comic: A Long Lecture]
Undoubtedly has a dark and angsty past... *cough*
Looks very good in r03. I think it's the jumper. She should wear that jumper more.
Another person for the /SylvaiFanClub then? :) -- Senji

Member of the /LOVECommittee. But which one of the /SnowBall committee is she after?  Is it the same one as /Rin?  Questions abound.
Questions certainly abound.  But I think it's pretty clear from o02 (and the subsequent comic ^^;;) that the Committee member she obsesses about is "the white-haired one".  --AlexChurchill
Well, I was wondering whether all the members of the /LOVECommittee obsess about all of the members of the /SnowBall committee. --M-A
My reading was that they had one particular interest each. -- TI

*kickself and hopes people ignore past revisions (of /FluffForBrains)* - Kazuhiko
Oh, Kazu.  I fought with myself for ages there, thinking you'd found out some spoiler about Sylvai-chan and put it up here not realising it was a spoiler, and then edited it out.  I eventually gave in and clicked.  And laughed. :) --AlexChurchill
:p  Regrettably, SunKitten doesn't feel the need to share inside-info on PhoenixFeathers with me so it extremely unlikely I'll have spoilers for the comic :) - Kazuhiko
Ah, I know the feeling.  Every now and then I see some of SunKitten's notes or planning at GamesEvening or SaturdayCoffee, and am strongly tempted to surrepetitiously read as hard as I can to get whatever "inside info" on PhoenixFeathers I can.  I normally resist, and/or can't see anything spoilery or exciting anyway (just a few sketches of "people standing around" or similar).  I keep coming back to my feeling that it's better to see it at the rate that the author plans, frustrating though that may feel at times :) --AlexChurchill
Actually, it's almost as frustrating for me. I really like seeing what people are wondering, but holding myself back from hinting is really hard. I try not to say anything at all about the story or what people guess. One of the only times I've commented is when MikeJeggo made an association between PhoenixFeathers and RealLife that was so far from the mark it almost hurt - SunKitten

Plus the fact that you would be mercilessly hunted down (with cats!) if you did discover anything? :) - Kazuhiko
There's something you don't know about Murphy... ^.~ - SunKitten

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