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This is the list of anime that I own. Unless it says otherwise itís safe to assume that theyíre all on DVD and if itís a series then that Iíve got all of it. If any regular WednesdayAnime goer would like to borrow any of these just ask.

GundamWing (R0)
OutlawStar (R0)
CowboyBebop (R0)
Crest of the stars (R0)
GhostInTheShell: Film (R2)
Blood: the last vampire (R2)
BubblegumCrisis?: Tokyo 2040 (R1)
Patlabor: 1&2 (R2)
Patlabor TV: eps 1-16 (R1)
DirtyPairFlash? (R1)
Akira: (R2)
Noir: (R0)
Megazone 23: (R1)
Nadesco: eps 1-12 (R2)
Hellsing: (R2)
Gunparade March: eps 1-8 (R1)
LastExile: (R1)
GhostInTheShell: stand alone complex (R1)
ReadOrDie: ova (R1)
FLCL: (R1)
DevilLady?: (R1)
Kai Dou Maru: (R1)
Dead Leaves: (R2)
WitchHunterRobin: (R1)
Saikano: (R1)
CastleInTheSky?: (R1)
HowlsMovingCastle: (R1)
Nausicaa: (R1)
GhostInTheShell: stand alone complex 2nd Gig Eps 1-4 (R1)
ZoneOfTheEnders?: (R1)
HaibaneRenmei: (R1)
Lain: (R1)
BlueGender?: (R2)
GunGrave?: eps 1-20 (R1)

I think that's it. I may have missed some.
I also have a few episodes (4-6) of the spawn-animated series, which is a more western stile and is rather f#*ked up and violent (itís rated 18 where Hellsing is only 15 if thatís any help)
I have 1-3 of Spawn, if that's of help. --Pallando   
Nice, what did you think of the series? --Steve
I liked best the Neil Gaiman written episode --Pallando

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