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Reasonably self-descriptive, I'd say...

/Rin is, well, cute-looking and cool. As such, she seems to have attracted something of a following amongst PhoenixFeathers fans. She would view a /RinFanClub with utter disdain, but we created one anyway.

Admitted RinFanBoys? and/or members of the /RinFanClub (who should support her at WebComics/SexiestCharacters):

Senji isn't.  Honest.
does that count?
Hawk - ok, I admit it at last...
Oh... does that mean I have to kiss you Mikey?  :-/ - Sally
Now that is an interesting question... -- Senji
tjm (who can't help but feel this is a mistake, but hey, only the fan club president is necessarily condemned to spend all eternity pining after someone who doesn't know they exist, right? Right?) (...[[I'llGetMeCoat?]].)
You won't ever no you'll never get to know her, or be the cause of anything she does.
This looks like a reference...?  I suspect that's more likely than the alternative, which is that ChiarkPerson was just unintentionally incomprehensible :)  --AC
The two aren't mutually exclusive... --Angoel
It is a reference to a song (Anything she does) by Genesis - Tsunami
Naath, although she keeps failing to add herself.
Um, yes, I suppose so.  And I fit the profile...
When?  (Goss?...) -- Senji
When what?  oh yes, Veizla aftermath. (I thought you knew that allready? due to being there and all) -- Naath
I didn't see Sally at all at the Veizla Aftermath? -- Senji
Really?  Where were you hiding... -- Naath
I didn't stay very long, and arrived a bit late -- Senji
CorkScrew would like to submit an application to join, despite never having so much as met Sally
No application needed, nor, indeed, is there anyone to give it to.  -- TI
Edwin, who doesn't mind being called a girl (or, for that matter, called a small bowl of potato salad), but who doesn't knowingly know who Sally is and is therefore unlikely to have been kissed by her.
Lmm would object to being called a small bowl of potato salad, but likewise doesn't mind being called a girl, doesn't know Sally (though is highly unlikely to object to being kissed by her), and wishes to join.

Motto of the /RinFanClub:
"With enemies this cute, who needs friends?"
- TheInquisitor

Two other tendencies have been noticed amongst the membership:
If people are adding themselves to the list but don't notice this, well, ... you terribly slanderous people you...
AC feels that as the popularity of PhoenixFeathers and /Rin grows, one of two things will happen: either (a) this statement will become less and less true, or (b) Sally will have a busy and interesting life jetsetting around, meeting funky people, and kissing them.
TI, without wishing to impugn the honour of Sally, observes that there are a few more men out there that she has kissed. Also that we warned CH that he was being added, and he falls into category 2, anyway. We'd have to ask him about 1 (but hear his falsetto singing, first...). (Oh, and don't worry too much about Naath being added, either. Not to impugn Sally's integrity but... (hey, I was drunk and Sally is cute) -- Naath?)
Make that 3? CorkScrew
If that were the case, then it's down to 2 again. It was a chaste kiss on the cheek, and Rachael was there, but nonetheless, AC now fits this description. Blame my housemates who leave mistletoe up around the house for GamesEvening *^^* --AC

I was asked today why I thought /Rin was cute.  I believe the actual words were 'Even /Sylvai is more cute'.  Does someone else want to try and explain? -- Senji
I'll have a go...

She was initially introduced in an incredibly cool setting (the /MysteriousEvilDude's castle interlu1), as a sympathetic lieutenant. The audience are encouraged to laugh with her at the ridiculous prospect of being an EvilDude?'s underling while also having essays. interlu3
She's got style. o03
She's got class. h06
She's very efficient at what she does.  h05
She's got little truck with fools. o02
But she's got her own emotions epi01
and she doesn't mindlessly follow orders, but thinks for herself. sb05
And she [often] [looks] [really] [cute]...

I would add that she also tends to get many of the [best] [lines], not to mention the most [interesting] [hairstyles].... - tjm

Just a thought, a large number of the hand chosen "Rin looks really cute" pics have her at a computer.  Mind you, a large number of *all* Rin pics have her at a computer.  Still, give the compskis what they want, hey?  ;-)

Two out of four.  (50% isn't a large number is it?)  I'd've said that in h02 the frames without the computer in are cuter.  Of course, in h03 she's doing the whole compsci-asleep-on-keyboard thing.... -- Senji

(If you redraw Compile, Link, Exe with Rin doing the summoning I think you're well on your way to your first million...)

T-shirt designs - suggestions:

TheInquisitor, and Senji were musing, and concluded that what was missing was... A cute 'girl in pyjamas with teddy bear' shot. This being Rin, however, a fluffy Cthulhu seemed more appropriate. (Mine would work... scaled up 500% or so - I'll happily lend it to you as a model if that would help), oh, and some gothic pyjamas. We aren't sure if we are joking.
It is, after all, this time in the morning (the time at the third keypress will be 03/05/27.01:42:56) -- Senji
*conveys as much enthusiasm for the above-described idea as is physically possible without causing a breach of the peace or getting fired*  --AlexChurchill
(Approximately [this] sort of thing... It seemed a good idea at 2am...) -- TI
Images [here] - SunKitten
Nice. Very nice. I suspect I wouldn't be allowed to wear it... --CH.
???? - SunKitten
His girlfriend and Cthulhu has something of a falling out a while back... I took him to her teddy bears' picnic, and... Well... He got the wrong end of the stick, and... Well... These things just happen. -- TheInquisitor
I think that probably Cthul'hu would only be a minor problem. But yes. Ah well. --CH

Oh... WOW! I love it... I want one... (Erm... Wait. I already have one... You get the idea...) - nice one, SunKitten! -- TheInquisitor

Awww, cute. I like it. A lot. --StuartFraser
*FerretShock!* -- Senji
Very cool indeed :-) -- Emperor
Wow, wow, yes... We like! A lot!  Soo cute, in a suitably dark way...  --AlexChurchill

I'm going to put this one on CafePress tonight. Their T-shirts are good quality, and even with the shipping costs they're still about the same as a Talking Tees/DIY one would be (~15 pounds).I would advise getting them in pairs - that way you minimise the shipping cost while still not paying enough to get clobbered by customs. If anyone would prefer a black T-shirt or doesn't want to go by CafePress, let me know and I'll sell you the appropriate transfer and you can stick it on your own T-shirt. At the moment, we're going with the Epson transfers, which are recommended but are cold wash only. Oh yes, and transfers for dark T-shirts feel papery (at least, the ones in PC World did) - SunKitten

I don't have a credit card, which I think makes it tedious for me to order from CafePress (I do have Switch, but...) - so if someone else was planning to order one, could they get in touch? Cheers. -- TheInquisitor (tmg27)
I think I'm definitely planning one :)  But if CompileLinkExe? goes up and is cool enough, I'll probably get that too.  Having been majorly clobbered by customs on my previous CafePress purchase, I'd like to avoid that in future, so if SK reckons buying T-shirts in twos is the way to avoid that, then there wouldn't seem to be much room for other people's orders in that box :)  However, I'm very happy to place another order for one or two other peoples, if they pay me back :)  --AlexChurchill
Several things to say to that. Firstly, CompileLinkExe? was planned for a black T-shirt, which CafePress won't do. If there's enough demand, I can put it up on CafePress, though, but it'll be white or grey, not black. Secondly, because we didn't want to pay, our store will only let us have one white T-shirt design at a time. So if you want the RinFanClub Tshirt /and/ the CompileLinkExe?, you'll have to have one of them in grey or order them separately. They can't both be white and ordered at the same time - SunKitten
StuartFraser also has a credit card, and is planning on getting one. If purchasing in pairs is recommended, then I'll send in an order for TI and myself...
Oops, yes, I'd forgotten about the way they don't do black.  Silly people. I don't mind grey vs white, but I agree CompileLinkExe? would look significantly better in black. Better get that one done in Cambridge somehow then.  In which case, if SF and TI are buying together, then I'm up for finding someone to share shipping of "gifts" for each other with...  --AlexChurchill

Reasoning for recommending purchasing in pairs: postage per item is [cheaper] after the first item, but VAT and custom charges hit orders valued at £18 (~$29 or so) and above (Section 3 of [this], in particular paragraph 3.3). The charges themselves are going to be relatively small, but they charge you a tenner for working out how much to charge you. So it depends on how much your order comes to before postage, not how many items there are in it. Cafepress mark T-shirts as being worth $15.99 according to their FAQ, which means two T-shirts go over the customs limit; however, the customs limit is doubled for gifts. Make sure you enter a gift message in the appropriate box when you order, and everything should work. YMMV. -  MoonShadow

OK, T-shirt now up [here]; after a frantic fussing with cable, Pen is internet-capable again :) - SunKitten

Rin Desktop up [here]. I wanted to get it online before Pen goes away. The others will be similar but with different characters/groups of characters on the right - SunKitten
Cool -- Senji
That is so *kawaii*, um,yes,um, hides -- Naath
Translate? -- Senji
Kawaii = Cute in a disturbingly Japanese way.  --Vitenka
Why Naath hide? -- Senji
Not to be picky, but am I the only one who thinks she seems to be wearing a cardinalist-style moustache in that image? --CH

Also see: /SylvaiFanClub, /MegaeraFanClub.

Power 2
Resistance 4
Income 3


(see CambridgeIlluminati)


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