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Comments for AmbientRhythm Nov 2007-May 2009

AmbientRhythm is now updating, although how long for depends on Sony's tender mercies (!) The most recent page is [here]; the (temporarily very dull) index is [here] and it'll be updating Tuesday and Friday, as usual :)

Wow, cool... :) (Is the "one term's notive" a typo?) --AC
Oh crap. Yes ;_; I can't change it until I get my computer back either... *cries* - SunKitten
Obviously I don't know why Sony are interested yet, but doesn't Britain have a fair-use policy on copyright? --CH
Uh... sorry? The reason I'm relying on Sony is because my laptop is currently with them being fixed (theoretically). What did you think I meant? ^^;; - SunKitten
Oh, whoops. I'd assumed that AmbientRhythm was going to reference some Sony IntellectualProperty? somehow... --CH

OK, typo fixed, index page prettified and character page up. w00t! - SunKitten

23/11/07 I should make a proper WikiPage for this. Next comic up, anyway ^^ - SunKitten

Altho I'm finding the 404 messages really quite amusing, I thought you might like to know that the links aren't working on the RSS feed to LJ ^_^ --Wikivic
Pants. MoonShadow? ;_; I can't check the rss immediately, so I miss those.. - SunKitten
You called the directory "arhythm" on the server, but the RSS feed links point at "ar". I've fixed the feed, but LJ will probably take a while to pick it up if it does at all. - MoonShadow
Bother. I think that was me getting confused with the old Artifaxis directory - sorry ;_; - SunKitten

I'm liking the backgrounds too! Hope they weren't too painful to draw ^_~ --Wikivic

Update (RSS feed should be fixed) ^^ - SunKitten
Possibly interestingly, I tend to idly think up fantastical characters and scenarios but they never have me in them! XD What you're saying about others (like the queue jumper) just strikes me as you having a positive attitude and empathy towards others - personally I'd much rather imagine someone pushed into a queue because they were late for a job interview and needed some water (or something) than that they were just a really selfish person >.< --Wikivic

Update. My computer's back (*^^*). Advent Calendar soon :) - SunKitten
Woohoo, at last! Congrats (/^.^)/ --AC

11/1/08: The Great Unwashed
Update, pictures and LookingForTheSun omake ^^
This is an interesting turn of converation (in the comic, I mean!) Is Socerey kind of taboo or something?
Nyaha ;) - SunKitten
Nice OMAKE, very charming for a last one, since it refers to something that seemed like such a long time ago now!!
Thanks. I was aiming for something like that - a touch of what comes after and a little bit of closure, sort of thing - SunKitten
And I really like Chevalier D'Eon, very nice animation quality, and what I have seen so far, the story is very interesting and good too, a very nice anime! =D - Bex
Yeah, it's amazing! I think you'd appreciate it - it's very clever how it works with the actual history (of which I'm afraid I know practically nothing) - SunKitten

Update, plus LookingForTheSun vol 4 cover :)
I cant wait for LftS 4 to come out!!! I've refrained from reading it online especially so I could get the GN. I still love Saryth after all this time, but I think Kite has become my favorite character above all!! I really like this page of AR. Have you read Gemma Bovery by Posy Simmonds? Its layed out in a similar way to this page, the story follows a young woman as she writes in her diary/letters about her romances in France =3 - Bex

The handwriting is a bit hard to read on the screen - it's very thin.  I really like the new finer style in general, though. :) --M-A

21/1/08 - not a magic joke shop. Plus transcript of Cato's handwriting ;)
I love your illumination picture, how fantastic! It has a touch of your own style to it as well! I've always had an interest in Illumination, it sounds from your descrpition like its really hard work though, and yet that just makes all the illuminations I've seen seem more beautiful now - Bex
Thanks :) It is awe-inspiring and somewhat scary to think about all those monks working so hard on tiny illustrations. It's a lot of fun, but I really hadn't thought it would take so long ^^;; - SunKitten

29/1/08. Cute animated gifs and an ElvenRelations fancomic *^^*
SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter! I should play ElvenRelations. In my CopiousFreeTime, of course. --CH
It doesn't take that long ;) Go on, you know you want to - SunKitten

15/02/08. Update, plus sneak preview of something totally unrelated ^^
ooooh! The preveiw looks so yummy! XD That aside, I love short stories, I look forward to you finishing this one :)
Regarding screentone, I must say I always prefered your work when it was just cross hatch/black shadow and with no screentone! Its not that it looks worse with tone, its just my personal taste (I just don't like tone that much!)
Another lovely page, its nice to read a webcomic that is updated regulary ^^ ---Bex

If you want a better word for a 'chunk' of a story that isn't a chapter, you could call it an 'Arc' or 'Storyarc' or a 'run'? --DarthMongoose??
I thought about 'arc', but that implies it's all one story arc, which it deliberately isn't. I think I might forego the word altogether, and just put a '1' somewhere on the 'chunk' first page ;) - SunKitten

I read All That matters a few weeks ago, but I keep on forgetting to comment on it! Anyway, I really enjoyed it as well, it had a very good pacing, nothing felt rushed or squeezed in, and the idea was really interesting. Great ending too! :)I like it when a story finishes on a emotional/suprising ending.
On to Ambient Rhythm! Whats going on?! You've left it on a mini cliff hanger!!--Bex
Thank you! And you'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out ;) - SunKitten

haha I love hearing cat-stories! This little story was fun to read! I'm sure at some point Pixel will decide to go through by herself XD Cats never seem to try to please anyone else, so if we ask them to try something they always seem to only do it in their own good time! My cat is certainly the same :P If I have ever been working on artwork on the floor, she has a charming habit of seizing the opportunity to sharpen her claws over the artwork! XD luckily I always hear her in time before anything is ruined :P --Bex

I love the angle on the third panel. Nice work :)
"If you are offended by anything, whether intended or unintended, you do not know the way of peace..." I think in some ways that is true, defiantly! To be offended by something is to see/hear something that you do not agree with--and feel that it shouldn't be that way...but I think its true that if you are a peaceful person, or understand peace, then you see no point in there being conflict--and work in harmony with all the different things in the world. I think that means you understand how differences work together....so if you see/hear something you don't agree with, instead of thinking 'its wrong', you think 'its something different' and understand that it has no real harm to you. I think some people would say that getting offended is a way of bringing peace, that when people become offended they can then highlight the problem and sort it out...but I don't think that works, it just sorts out the problem for one person and then leaves many other people 'offended' in different ways. Indeed, if you really want to be peaceful, then you trust yourself enough to not let any thing you don't agree with bother you, and you understand that theres no right and wrong---well, there is, but its only within yourself and not comparable to anyone else. Basically, I believe if it makes you happy then its right, and if it doesnt then its wrong.
...then again, when I think about it, I cant possibly leave someone be, or not be offended and try to do something, if they think taking someones life is right, I cant call that peaceful either, even if for the individual it makes them happy... :S (that was long) --Bex
I have to disagree with the 'no right and wrong' thing - I definitely believe in an objective right and wrong. I don't think I can ever be certain I know what it is, though, not being perfect ;) I find the quote very hard; most of the time I agree with it, but living it is difficult and I do think anger can be righteous - but perhaps that's just anger, rather than offended anger? I don't know.. ^^;; - SunKitten
yeah, I agree about anger being righteous... I was thinking about it the other day,as I said before, surely it would be ok to get angry about horrible things such as murder or bullying? And if you feel angry about something like that it means you can find a way to stop it, and gain peace...I suppose being offended could be different to that kind of anger. Maybe the saying means 'offended' in the sense where it is completly negative and you dont or cant do anything about what you are offended by....lol ok I'll stop now XD --Bex
Yes, you might be right there. There is a difference between anger and offence. Maybe anger is a less personal thing than offence? And don't worry about stopping, long vaguely philosophical rambles are what wikis are intended for ;) - SunKitten
Or maybe you could deal with murder etc without getting angry or offended, if you see it more as an unfortunate problem to be solved than something to be outraged about. It's possibly a bit too much peace, though. --Edwin

oooh, will she find some hidden secrets in the books? 0_0
...and go Pixel! :D --Bex

lol I love the last panel on this page!
I really liked Elven revelations :) It was a clever and interesting way to use the Renai game system :D The artwork was very nice too, of course! You and Alex make a good team :) I agree! make more games Alex!
Yay, thank you! ElvenRelations was a lot of fun, and the plans are in progress for a sequel :):) I really like working with SunKitten on ren'ai games, and I definitely plan to do so again in the future. It does look a bit weird to see all three girls in their "blushing" expressions on [that page], though... to me, each of those represents a different path through the story... almost like a different reality. It's odd to see them standing next to each other! --AlexChurchill
Also, today is National DNA day! (although I think its over in America, I'm going to celebrate it anyway :P) Happy DNA day! :D --Bex

I really need to tidy this up.. - SunKitten
I didn't spot the mark on his cheek before - I wondered what the girl (?) with the black hair was reacting to!  I thought it was just an Anime squiggle to denote some part of the face. --M-A
That's why I have these recaps -  they're a part of my Evil Plan to keep people with the plot this time ;) - SunKitten
You did know that cats eat grass to settle their stomachs, right? I assume Pixel just got a little enthusiastic, and broke a blade off up her nose. --CH
I do (she throws it up all over the carpet on a regular basis). It's still hilarious that she managed to be that incompetent - SunKitten

Lovely blossom photo! --AC

Ah - I fear this is the first one which has fallen foul of the premise of two people who look alike, one of whom dresses as the other.  I have no idea who is who for everything after the first frame (which I presume is Thea).  And... when did her brother come back, and why on earth is he telling her off? --M-A
Thea is the one in skirts with long loose hair. Cato is the one in trousers carrying a bag, with his hair tied back.
First frame: she's serving a customer.
Second frame: Cato walks through the door, just back from his trip.
Third frame: Thea spots him.
Fourth frame: Cato has no idea anything is wrong. The customer leaves.
Fifth frame: Thea walks past him, not saying anything.
Sixth frame: The shop is now closed.
Seventh frame: Cato is unnerved at his sister's silence and glare.
Eighth frame: Thea wants to know where he's been. Because [he had students], which [unprecedented event] meant she had to pretend to be him  [for three weeks] and [teach his classes], which [she has not enjoyed].
- SunKitten
Thanks. :) As it turns out, all is explained by today's (20/5/08), and so fine in context.  It was the last frame that threw me - I thought he was telling her off, but I only knew why she might be annoyed with him.  Anyway, all is revealed, and my mind is back on the storyline track.  Well, except that there was a lot in your explanation that I couldn't find for certain on the page.  I hope you don't mind a bit of feedback, but what I read into the page was:
First frame: she's serving a customer.
Second frame: Cato walks through an archway somewhere.
Third frame: Someone sees something.
Fourth frame: Cato, walking past someone who isn't Thea, appears to address (the same?) someone as Thea.
Fifth frame: The person behind Cato is now Thea, or at least appears to be.  Is he hallucinating?  Has he mistaken someone for Thea?
Sixth frame: Someone slams a door.
Seventh frame: Thea looks cross, Cato looks confused/surprised.
Eighth frame: One of them yells at the other one.
I think the biggest gap is lack of location clues.  Last time we saw Cato, he was in a forest somewhere.  A hint of an archway isn't enough to know that he's back in the same town as Thea, let alone walking into her library (shop?).  And I'm afraid that the customer wasn't distinctive enough to tie together the 1st and 4th frames.  Is the lack of backgrounds a deliberate style choice, or just a time/sanity-saving choice?  E.g. shelves full of books would have shown that they were in the same place, even though they only appear in their own frames.  --M-A
Mm. The fact that they're in the same page - one panel coming directly after another - was intended to help indicate his being in the same place. The customer has curly hair and is being given/carrying the same book in both the panels. Next time I'll put more background in, but backgrounds, being scene-setting and often distracting, take away from the emotion I was intending to portray. I didn't want to drag the scene out, either, but next time I'll make sure the setting is clearer - SunKitten
Where's the book in panel 4?  Is it the thing in her bag?  Now, maybe if you'd put the bag in panel 1, or done a wider angle on panel 4, to put Thea in it. too... it's very hard to convey location and.or relative positions of different characters if you only use close-up panels. --M-A

lol I love sylvaere's (how on earth do you pronounce that name? XD ) enthusiasm :D She reminds me of someone I know at my Uni, they think alike :)
Something like 'Sil-vair', I think. I made it up, although it is based on something ;) - SunKitten

Ohhhh, *oranges*.  I wondered what they were... --M-A
Yeah, they came out a bit small on screen :/ - SunKitten

Good banter. BTW, you have "cordaite" twice, and "cordiate" once. --CH
Thanks for the heads up. 'Cordiate' is correct, I believe... will change when I can - SunKitten
That matches what I expected - from the Latin(?) for heart-shaped. --CH
I just grabbed it from the research site I looked up. I am inadvertently learning quite a bit about the evolution of plants ^^;; - SunKitten

I loled very loudly at the deceiving slugs! XD I'm glad Pixel is ok though. My cat went through a period of getting bullied by neighborhood cats, your story sounds very familiar. After they get roughed up like that though they learn their lesson to stay away ^^;
I havnt read ambient rythum in a little while. But my new laptop has a feeder programme on it, so i wont miss another page. Looking good, I really liked the ruins you drew on the latest page, would be nice to see them in more detail. I am as curious as Cato!

a very emotional page, really nicely laid out! I'm excited about this new comic group too :) Apparently  Azure might be brining a few copies of the comiuc to Expo, so maybe I will be able to get my hands on one (I hope!)Its strange looking at your new versions of the cover. I looked at them and thought '...where are the changes?', I didnt notice how different the artwork looked until I saw some comparison. It goes to show that most readers really dont notice the steady change/improvement in artists work. --Bex

haha! Cato and Theas relationship reminds me of me and Denji! I'm Thea and Denji's Cato ;D --Bex
That's probably a good thing, since they're twins too ;) I have 3 sisters but not a twin, so that's good to hear :) - SunKitten

Afraid there's a typo in this one - "asre" for "are" (presumably) halfway through the last para of the letter. --CH
Bother. Thanks, will fix tonight. It's a hard font to read while typing ;) Or, er, perhaps Hannah's pen slipped? ;) - SunKitten

Have a good time in Prague, takes lots of photos --Bex
Thanks ^^ - SunKitten

nice quote :) Despite thinking remembrance day as being very important, I've never worn a poppy before! I like doing the two minutes silence, its my way of respecting people who fought in all wars and appreciating the end of the war. I did always wonder about what it really represents..I dont agree with war at all, I think there is nowadays at least probably easier ways to settle things, but by taking part in remembrance day does that mean I am supporting war? I always thought it was there because it is supporting peace. Although I dont agree with war, I assume the people who fight in wars are doing it because ultimately they want peace. --Bex

I strongly appove of renaming fish "sea kittens".  It's about time radical vegetarians went predatory...  I'm having battered kitten for lunch. --DDD
The edit summary for the comic update had me reading the comic wondering why they're suppressing the knowledge of sea kittens. --Edwin

oooh lovely page!! I really like these kind of pages where time is taken to just show without any text how all the characters are feeling, it looks great :)
Thanks! I was really quite worried about that page as an update ^^;; Glad it worked :) - SunKitten

Whew, caught up at last!
It's good re-reading the story in a big session. You spot different things - like the way that Magister Sath [heard about Cato's visit to the ruins] and then [gave Cato his sombre warning]. Or the way that Vivi [keeps] [blushing] when Alcaeus appears :) (I know, she has good reason because she's effectively spying on him, but still...) And with all of Vivi's investigations of Alcaeus, the mention that Amon both [knows about him] and [recognises him by sight] got lost the first time.

But it's now left me very interested - particularly in Vivi's and Amon's backgrounds. They're both seemingly on [missions from Amar], but what are their motives and aims? (And why are they both studying botany?) We know Vivi's [hunting] mages, but what for? She doesn't seem connected to the [Order who assassinate mages], since she seems [happy] with the alternate version of history, and she seems to know [something] of how magic really works.

Brief clarification: on re-reading, it seems the page from [23rd September] is just showing Alcaeus and Thea, and all three thought bubbles are Thea repeating the same phrase to herself, right? On the first two readings, I thought it was one bubble for each of three people, who I assumed to be Alcaeus, Thea and Cato. 
(Also, staring for too long at the architecture in [83] and comparing it to [82], it looks like the pillars do Escher-esque tricks of perspective o.o;;)
That's right, yes. Alcaeus is fast asleep :) And the pillars are probably just my bad perspective ^^;; Glad you enjoyed the read-through and picked up on all those :D - SunKitten
agreed, reading things all in one go gives you a whole new insight, particulary into characters, I always get something more out of reading if I buy a webcomic thats been collected into a book :) Right now I think because I am reading as updated, I am particulary curious about the history, and now the story is picking up more this is becoming a bigger issue! Very interesting stuff <3 --Bex

haha I really love the middle panel. I didnt find it funny at first though, it left a big imapct on me, but now I look back with your comment I see it differently XD Charming x-mas calander picture :)
Well, it's supposed to have a big impact, really (glad it worked ;). It's a big thing for him. But I spent too long messing with it and it all became a bit funny :) - SunKitten

"More dimensions than usual"? ^.- I'll be looking forward to it! :) --AC

Ah, that's what the little colour mini-comic a few strips ago was about. Nice. --AC
I enjoyed reading this arc :) This is the first of your web comics where I havnt waited to read it in book form! --Bex
Woohoo :D - SunKitten

I want to read the essay you put up (I like essays!) except, I have no idea what Hans Urs von Balthasar's theological dramatic theory is, and there is virtually NO information on it on the internet either!! 0_0 I'm sure its relevant enough to the essay that I should get info on it, I wish I could ;_; That poem by JRR Tolkien is lovely. Although I dont see it as relating to God, I still get a lot of nice themes from it. It seems to embody some of the themes I found in LotR? as well, which whether intended or not have always inspired me (particularly in the 7th verse) <3
I don't know anything about him either; the essay relates his work to Tolkien's and CS Lewis's but spends more time talking about the latter two. I just skipped the bit about von Balthasar ^^;; As to the poem, it does relate to God; Tolkien specifically intended it to. Wikipedia has a little about it [here], but not in much detail. But it's in general a defence of the creation of myth and fantasy, seen from a Christian viewpoint because Tolkien was a Christian, rather than being specifically about God, and you're right, there are some lovely themes running through it :) I found the poem through the essay, in fact, which goes into Tolkien's viewpoint a bit more - SunKitten

I have found a new love for GROW games <3 I accidentally won the new one, although I'm not sure I'll be able to do it again! --Bex
I think I accidentally won some of the earlier ones. This one, though, I gave up on and cheated. The music was driving MoonShadow nuts ;) - SunKitten

lol! hilarious page! This really made me chuckle, pretty reminiscent of a good deal of my friends in Uni ;D I've always found it peculiar how thoughts I hear in my head are so disjointed and muddled compared to when I string them together out loud. My mind often wonders too when I am thinking to myself. If I'm thinking about something philosophical, I'll often think something in a full sentence, but my thoughts will go onto something else before the sentence can finish, so I'll think the same thing about 5 times, just trying to confirm it! XD I think the reason young children's speech can end abruptly/be disjointed is because they havnt learned yet how to string the thoughts in their head into a proper sentence :P --Bex

another good page, whats wrong with vivi) :( (did i accidently miss/forget something?)I love Rose Of Versailles, its one of my favorite anime. The characters are great and I adore the art style :) I havnt watched the whole series yet! I dont know what the big deal is either with the snow. Its lovely to have more snow then usual, but Ive seen 7 inches more in Scotland a few years ago, and we were still able to drive around/take trains etc! --Bex
All the students are revising. Except for Vivika, who had forgotten there were even exams. That isn't the way students behave normally, and Amon has noticed it - SunKitten

Nice wings tutorial. :) --M-A
Thanks ^^ - SunKitten

Hee, that Valentine's Day image is delightful :) And I'm very much enjoying the progressing story, with the little hints about history gradually unfolding... --AC
Thanks ^^ I drew these all together when preparing the book, and it's always weird making an ongoing story fit either a webcomic or a continuous book and then putting them in the other medium, as it were... ^^;; Glad it's working, at least a bit :) - SunKitten

I wonder if this tactic would work with chinchillas too, hmmm...regarding your comic, I agree with AC, its nice to see everything revealing itself in little ways =3 --Bex
Well, I'm glad you like slow reveals :) - SunKitten

Good Luck with the play, I wanted to go see it, if only it wasnt all the way in Cambs!! Improvising must be very interesting, and exciting, I bet it will make the play that bit more energetic/emotional. BTW, I nominated ambient rhythm for the webcomic Beacon awards! Its nothing super-big, its just a bit of fun, was set up to give exposure to webcomics. I thought this webcomic was worthy! You get lots of new readers even if you dont win, although it would be fun if you did too ;) --Bex
Ooh, thanks! *^^* Yes, the improvisation is going to make it interesting, I think. I've been in plays before but none improvised, so it's new for me - if there's a recording, I'll let you know, although I don't know if it's possible or not - SunKitten

ooooh, an interestng discovery! 0_0
And I will be buying the first volume for sure! Wish I could come to Minami to do so ;_; haha regarding your laptop, I'm surprised people would think a laptop unuseable just because hinges are broken? 0_0 I suppose some people have the money to dispose of them like that. I am the same as you, I use an old hand held computer as an extra hard drive now, since I dropped it once and broke the screen ^^; --Bex

Wow, today I was reading the volume over breakfast, then got to read the new update on the net before work XD I think it works very well as a book actually, I'm really enjoying it ^_^
...is it OK if I snag the poster image off your site and use it for a 'New Comic' post on the Comic Mole blog Morag? ^^ --Wikivic
Ooh, thank you! And please, feel free :) - SunKitten
That poster is awesome. Shows off the characters really well, who're all looking great - and Vivika in particularly looks really cute. Also, re the edit summary, yay memories of Rin and her black ribbons :) --AC

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