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Well, whilst we wait for content, and a link on the comic page...
The backdrop to that cover - chaos legion or something similar?
And drat drat a comic title with only a single word in it.  That makes wiki harder.

This is fun.  It's like doodling on a blank piece of paper.  --Vitenka

Or should we start the rampant speculation?

It looks like a steampunk era.  Google has ALREADY whacked the base toothycat.net page with this name.
Really? That's impressive ^^;; - SunKitten
And since it's the only page returned, that provides a GoogleWhack? of at least 131 million ("artifaxis cat"). You could probably get larger if you could figure out a word that appears on the front page, is more common on the 'net than "cat", and doesn't count as a "common word" to be omitted by Google.--CH
Noo, because the GoogleWhacking rules prohibit cases where Google "omits some entries very similar to the 1 already displayed". In this case, the duplication between http://www.toothycat.net and http://toothcat.net trips us up. --AC
Well, that's just rude, isn't it. Humph. --CH
In that case I claim "artifaxis www" -- Senji...
Smooth. 4.46 billion (US). --CH
But does 'www' count as a word? - SunKitten
To be fair, "Artifaxis" certainly doesn't. --CH

OTOP Artifax has many links, for a producer of booking systems, among other things.  As well as an odd way of spelling 'Artifacts' - which is probably the main use here.
Isn't the word 'artefacts'?  --FR
(PeterTaylor) They're both acceptable English spellings, although 'artefact' is rare in American and should thus, IMAO, be preferred.
With an 'e' the word tends to be used more about phantom results in science. --Requiem
Or phantom results or glitches in other contexts: see Kazuhiko's "ancient relics are artifacts, marks due to image degradation are artefacts." on PhoenixFeathersComments/0310. SeeAlso the deliberately misspelled ArtifactOfJPEGCompression. --AC
[Cambridge] and [American] dictionaries.

La la la.  SingingInTheWiki, I'm Siiinging in the Wiki...

That prologue I mentioned on [March 15th] is up [here] - SunKitten


Since people are finding it hard keeping track of what's going on, I wrote some fairly detailed synopses. Everything that's necessary should be in here, but I'm not guaranteeing that ;) - SunKitten


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