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Manga drawn by SunKitten, linked [here].

SunKitten: The [next chapter] is up. Sorry it's so short, but it didn't want to be any longer. OTOH, it means it gets done faster :) - 14.11.03

SunKitten: Another one up [here]. Is it better if the whole thing is watercoloured (like in this page) or if the large areas are filled on the pooter (as in [this one])?

Initially, I didn't really notice that much, so if computer is significantly quicker you might want to go with that.  The more I looked at it though, the more a noticed the flat areas of colour in the computer one.  I think the shading on the watercoloured one, especially on the tower, is far nicer.  Umm, just one point, I think there is something a little odd about her hand on the window ledge in the new page...  Gomen, PleaseDontHitMe?.... - Kazuhiko
*having just spent 5 mins in front of a mirror with a box, trying to work out what that grip would look like* OK, maybe not.  I don't know. :/ - Kazuhiko
It is a little odd. I don't know how to make it better though. I've got similar problems with a later page. The issue with the watercolour wasn't speed, just that I thought that wide brushstrokes were obvious and rather messy.. - SunKitten''
Preferred the computer one, but there really wasn't that much in it.  --Angoel

Has already undergone one change of style. Chapters one and two are done in scruff pencil; chapter three has been started in greyscale computer colouring. Chapters one and two were completed relatively quickly; chapter three will take quite some time.

Suggestions welcome :)

I like both styles... I think more frequent updates are better...

-- Velvet

Hmm, the last person I knew to take that name was a BlackUnicorn?, but I'm assuming you are not her? - Kazuhiko

No - Not guilty :) -- Velvet

Personally, since we get regular updates on PhoenixFeathers I'd rather see what you can do with more time in the FirstStory.
-- Kazuhiko
Me2  --AlexChurchill
Hmph. I was getting bored with one page per month. I do actually have a story I want to tell here.. it's just that computer colouring six individual pictures takes a long time, and when that only comprises one page it gets a little wearing - SunKitten
Hey, it's your story - you do what you most want to with it! It's not like we can command you either way ;)  We're getting a story and beautiful artwork out of it either way. How can we complain?!  ...Of course, if the "Hmph" was "I asked my public, and they didn't tell me what I wanted to hear", then... not much we can do 'bout that :) --AlexChurchill
True. I wanted to be able to justify the choice with more than 'it takes too long' :) - SunKitten

(PeterTaylor) I think I would categorise the two styles as natural vs elegant. Please don't read that as an insult on either. I have a slight preference for the first, which is accentuated by the impression that we'll see the story quicker if you use it.

Neither could be taken as an insult - thanks :) I'll see how the ink-and-pencil goes, I think. - SunKitten

In response to the [last] [two] comics...  Wow...  My only possible complaint against the previous watercolour strips was that Shara looked a little too bleached but now it's perfect.  The watercolouring works _really_ well...  Wow...  :) - Kazuhiko

*^^* Thanks - SunKitten

StuartFraser, who reads a few pages when bored, is struck by similarites between FirstStory and the way he perceives Otaria; the setting for the storyline of MagicTheGathering's Odyssey (and Onslaught) block(s). Erm, [this page] might kinda illuminate what I'm on about,  for people who don't follow the magic storyline (everyone except me and AlexChurchill, at a guess). That said, this impression mostly comes from reading sample chapters of the novels (also available on that page).

Er, wow.  That's nice.  Really nice.  (Having just read it all, apologies for server load).  --Jumlian

Vitenka. I Just caught up on it.  Yay for the first story.  Now we know what the title means.  I did get confused at first though, reading the stuff with the council meeting.  I got mixed up with LookingForTheSun and wondered how she was going to mess up this castles life.  Are they set in the same world at all?
Anyway - it is incredibly cute and sweet and I like it.
Thanks ^^ and no, they're not in the same world. That is, LookingForTheSun and the FirstStory aren't in the same world. The two threads in the FirstStory are - specifically, the council/princess bit is set in the kingdom lying to the south of the plains where Jasmine and Shara live. There's a map in the first chapter - SunKitten
I didn't think so, but I thought I'd better ask.  Can't wait to see what evilness the maid is planning.  --Vitenka

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