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And you join us now as the final nominations are being read out for this year's "ThatCannotBeMale" award!

Inorganic Angel Rociel for AngelSanctuary
*cheers from some of the darker angels in the crowd, polite clapping from the more nervous groups*
Demon Lord Raenef for DemonDiary
*some catcalls from the demons who came to see the AngelSanctuary entries*
[Minomi Nanba] for HanaKimi? (For You in Full Blossom)
Kurai for PhoenixFeathers
For the fact that most people don't believe me when I say that Kurai is a male character...
*sweatdrop* I hope and believe that this was not intended by SunKitten in her design of the character of Kurai or, if it was, is not a reflection of the RealWorld character he represents?
It's whilst I'm explaining who each character was originally based on that people have said "Oh - is Kurai male?  I'd assumed it was a girl..."
Kuja, for FinalFantasy IX
[Kisaragi Shun], for KokoWaGreenwood?
Always a popular nomination with the crowd, Shun-chan puts in another appearance this year.  Will his... her... um, Shun's dedicated following win her...him... Shun the title this year?
Disqualified by MoonShadow (she's female). No, wait.. D'oh! ThatIsNotMaleThatIsNotMaleThatIsNotMale.. /wanders off muttering/
Chihaya, for Earthian
Pretty much any 'male' character from The Five Star Stories
I thought quite a few of the charas were very non-feminine... *shrug* --Kazuhiko
And then there is Ladius Sopp, named thus by his mother as it means lady like. He is 2 thirds male, and 1 third female (seriously mixed up guy) Capable of shapeshifting into three different appearences (2 male, 1 female, surprise surprise)
[Kadsuki], for GetBackers
Ooh, a surprise entry from one of the Emperors of the Eternal Castle!  Does he want to win or not?  Make the right decision because he knows where you live!
[Haku], for Naruto
"I will win this competition for Zabuza-sama... I must be strong for him..."
Ah yes... Haku and the evil demon snake girl from episode thirty or so are both translated as 'he' - which just HAS to be a typo by the translators.  (Though demon snake girl, of course, turns out to be evil ninja man in disguise, so this may be a clever hint)  If only the subtitles were easier to edit... ;)  --Vitenka
Umm... The Hidden Grass ninja that Orochimaru is impersonating is actually a guy too... So...
[Orochimaru], for Naruto
RunAndHide.  "Umm... A warm welcome to the leader of Hidden Sound village!  Eheheh... Now, excuse me but further commentary will be relayed from my secret hideout on the moon.  Angels and ministers of grace preserve us."
NickTaylor with his hair down. [Photos] (Edith will almost certainly die for this)
Kay Chaney, the main character from ConcerningResearch. I got almost 20 pages in confused as to his gender.
Saryth SelfConfessed?, it seems.  Though this is one of the few I've not had much problem with, though the design is obviously feminine.  --Vitenka

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