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LookingForTheSun Volume 1
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Potential cover. Any thoughts? It has been said that the white space at the bottom is odd..

Hmmm - I'd say it looks like it needs some kind of border at the top of the white area.  I'm confused by the greeny blue in the middle - is this sea?  --Vitenka
You mean a line or something? And yes, it's sea - SunKitten
Well, all your other lines have been celtic knottery - but whatever works.  And I am afraid that I have a problem with the sea there.  It looks at first like the sky, and then I pan up and see another sky and get very confused.  Maybe just me.  --Vitenka
If I put a celtic knot line across the bottom, should I put one across the top too? That might help with the white space issue.. - SunKitten
(Cover replaced with shiny new one - SunKitten, Sept 2008)

The only thing I would change is to visually separate the inset diamond bit from the sea behind.  A border round the diamond shape would probably work.  But I think the white space looks fine as it is. --M-A
Yes, I don't have a problem with the sea or the whitespace --AC
EuroConstitution? approval then - everyone dislikes a different bit, so it's probably a good compormise :)  I like the diamond as it is.  --Vitenka

[01: Saryth]

Having read this today, I'd like to say it's a lovely story. Is there to be another chapter? Emperor
Yes. It's looking like it'll be about 60 pages long (!) - the first 20 pages are waiting to be scanned. The second 20 I'm 60% of the way through drawing (they'll need inking before scanning). The third lot haven't even been storyboarded yet, but I do know what's going to happen. They'll be going up in 3 parts, so hopefully part 1 will be up soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) - SunKitten

[02: Wings of Fire and Steel]

I suppose that here is a good place ot be bouncy.  I must have posted my thoughts on the previous chapter somewhere else.  So let me say, yay!  "I claim the promised laundry" is a wonderful line.  The pair seem to be getting along in a much more friendly way now, which contrasts nicely with the "It's their fault" war.  (And that's a good name for a war.  History books should use that one.)  And we close on the horrible juxtaposition of morning hair and a war at home.  I'm really liking this.  --Vitenka

[03: Lightning in the Sky]

*cries* you lot are useless proofreaders. Why did nobody tell me the number on the cover was wrong? We sold ten copies with '02' on them instead of '03' ;_; - SunKitten


[04: One Night's Grace]

Shiny shiny shiny bounce bounce bounce!  I love it, I really do.  The quote at the end is magnificent in its ability to cause confusion.  --Vitenka


[Short: Kite's Story]
Well, it's a little dated, but enjoy :) - SunKitten, asynchronously

[05: The Gravity of Ideas]

Very cool, a really nice elaboration on the backstory - CorkScrew
AlexChurchill, catching up with this at last, loves the description of TerryPratchett as "a wise man". (That was where the quote was from, wasn't it? ^^;; )
No, CS Lewis :) Bah, shame on you. It's from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but I can't find the relevant bit right now. Something like: " In our world," said Eustace, "a star is a huge ball of flaming gas." "Even in your world, my son, that is not what a star is but only what it is made of."'' (Quoting corrected from .sig in UkReligionChristian).
My goodness, you're right. Whoops. Except wait, I'm sure something very like that was *also* in one of the Death books, the one where the Auditors try to remove meaning from the world... Hogfather, was it? Am I getting it mixed up with the quote about "The sun will not rise tomorrow. All that will happen is a ball of flaming gas will continue to trace a circular path" or however it went? --AlexChurchill
Yes, that's it - I remember the bit you mean :) - SunKitten

[06: Freedom of Choice]

6 down, 1 to go (to the end of the overall arc, that is, not the end of the story). I never want to draw another night scene again - SunKitten

Rereading this, I was impressed with the way that you communicate night-time without colour. The characters and buildings are as bright as ever, but the shadows are all pitch black rather than pencil shaded. It's so effective that I didn't notice it first time round :) The comments of Catalys are still as thought-provoking as ever. Good stuff :) --AC

[07: Beyond the Endless Sky]

Yay!  And off they trot.  Though I must say, it is a little surprising to be attempting to discard the little girl so soon after picking her up.  Lots of lovely hints as to things happenning in the past, but no resolution.  Also, a pretty ship and a sad story about the ship.  Sail well.  --Vitenka
CorkScrew wonders if Jig was modelled on Spildit from the Dreamstone series. There's definitely a phenotype in there.
Never heard of it, sorry. But yes, there's a distinct stereotype (Tasslehoff from the DragonLance? books being another one that springs to mind) - SunKitten
You haven't come across TheDreamstone? You haven't lived! It was the ultimate kiddie tv series! - CorkScrew (raving enthusiastically)
';'My family didn't have a TV until I was about fourteen :) - SunKitten''
aww *fluffle*. I'll have to hunt out an old video or two - CorkScrew
Having finally caught up all of this first arc, I am in awe. It's a wonderful series. I think Kite may be my favourite character, but Saryth and Jig are both great too. Do you know how big the next arc will be, or how many there might be? This is one of the best done world-walking stories I've come across (by which I mean spending an amount of time in each of several self-contained worlds). And it's a while since I've seen such an effective "end of arc" as this chapter: very clearly bringing an end to one large section of story, but equally very clearly not the end of the overarching story. The "If you come with me..." scene was nicely done, if foreshadowed by the chapter title. I want to buy a copy of these first seven now :) --AlexChurchill
Thanks *^^* Each arc is going to be around the same size, and I reckon there'll be at least 6. You might want to wait on buying them - I'm going to get a book of the first arc done (eventually ^^;;), which will have the appendix I mentioned a while ago. Issue 8 is most of the way done now - hopefully it'll be ready some time next week :) - SunKitten
ShinyShiny? HappyHappy? BounceBounceBounce.  Ahem.  Yes.  Yes please.  PrettyPlease?.  Make PrettyPictures?.  Make more PrettyPictures?.  Ahem.  I feel guilty saying that I don't like the timing on the little thief girl - it feels like too quick a JoinPart?.  --Vitenka
Sorry, but Jig wasn't going any further with them than she wanted to. They presented an opportunity which she exploited. I don't really control the characters, I'm afraid, only their surroundings, to a limited extent :) - SunKitten

[Omake 1: Tickly Evil]

There's a tiny colour extra strip up. It took me a whole week to do. Now I remember why I chose not to do a colour webcomic :) - SunKitten
*giggle* *tease* --AlexChurchill, a few weeks after the start of Artifaxis ;)

haha! that little strip is most randomest, most cutest thing i've seen all day..that really cheered me up! ^_^. the colouring is georgeous!! ~ - Denji
Thanks :) It took soooo long.. ^^;; - SunKitten

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