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The OrangeBowl is a feature of MoonShadow's living area. It began life as an orange stringy net which held tangerines in MoonShadow's College Room. MoonShadow's lovely bedder was quite distraught at the idea of having unprotected tangerines lying around and offered MoonShadow a large plastic orange bowl to put them in. Upon later visits, SunKitten and AngelaRayner were heard to complain quite loudly that the OrangeBowl didn't hold any chocolate, so MoonShadow provided some. The first chocolate in the OrangeBowl was a mini mint aero.

Upon leaving College, MoonShadow attempted to give the bowl back to the bedder in question, who refused it. It now resides in the home of toothycat.net, and holds a range of odd chocolate and sweets as well as more normal stuff.

Things held by the OrangeBowl:

Mint aeros
Milky Ways, both named and anonymous
Bountys, also both named and anonymous
Solidified sugar which is supposed to be dried melon
Candy dots (yay)
Humbugs and humbug imitations
Ginormous dairy milk bars
A jelly pizza
A jelly what? -- Senji
A jelly pizza. About an inch in diameter, with a base of flump-like stuff and a topping of jelly - SunKitten
(Occasionally) tangerines
PastaSalad? (just once, ahem)

RobHu wants to see the OrangeBowl. I don't think I've seen it. Have I seen it? Have you allowed it to fall into obscurity (well apart from it having a page on the internet...)
It died.  Its reincarnation is wooden.  --Vitenka
How did it die? --RobHu
Overuse. It acquired a big crack which rendered it useless for its function. Its spirit lives on, although I think by now it has taken up residence in the red tin rather than the wooden fruit bowl ;) - SunKitten
aww man, a celebrations tin just doesn't have the same ring to it...we must find another orange bowl somehow! XD --Wikivic

ItLives?! --Vitenka
All hail the new orange bowl of goodness! --Tsunami

I need some OrangeBowl maintenance advice. We have a wooden one filled with snacks for GamesEvening. We put nice things in it, but they become unappetising very quickly - chocolate melts and goes whitish, opened packets of crisps and biscuits go stale despite my efforts with elastic bands or sellotape, and things get squashed under other things and look crumpled and older than they really are. Do MoonShadow and SunKitten have cunning ways round this? Or is it just that WednesdayAnime guests scoff all the available food each week so it's not a problem? --Rachael
People eat most of what's in there each time (and if there's lots left we skip a week of buying stuff), and we tend to shy away from stuff that crumbles and/or isn't individually wrapped when we buy stuff. Other than that, no special tricks. - MoonShadow

I can't offer any advice, but if you can keep snacks in the house long enough for them to go off you can have some envy. --SGB

CategoryFood (if not itself then by strong association)

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