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If you feel like helping out: add (+) next to quotes you really like, and a (-) next to quotes you think are totally duff. If a quote isn't too bad, but is nothing special, just leave it alone. If you see a quote with 5 or more -'s next to it, delete it. If you see one with 5 or more +'s, move it to /Best?. If you hear a good quote, add it in..

Would anyone object to my adding their quotes to my random list?  --Vitenka
Not in the slightest.  If you've got lots and lots then it might make more sense to put them on their own page (this is what PeterTaylor did, which is why this page is so empty currently).  Kazuhiko did have some on this page too, but he removed them a while back - feel free to put them back in now, Kazu-sama!  And Vitenka and anyone else: yes, please do feel free to add quotes here, under appropriate == headings = if you feel like it.
Misunderstanding.  I was asking whether I could takew the quotes I find here (and on NokkyQuotes and and...) and use 'em elsewhere.  (Specifically, in my pointlessly random 404 page)  --Vitenka
Whoops, you're right.  I misread "my adding their quotes to my random list" as "adding my quotes to their random list".  Well, people who're being NokkyQuoted do have the right to veto, and occasionally do.  Thus, those which actually appear on NokkyQuotes are those by people who haven't objected to their quotes appearing on the web.  So I'd say help yourself to some NokkyQuotes, as long as you leave them where they are ^.~  --AlexChurchill
Thanks.  I will, of course, reciprocate.  Though most of my quotes are from the middle of games and thus make little sense.

I refuse to say anything else until you promise not to quote me.  --Sally
He quotes.  --Vitenka (and most others present, simultaneously)


DuncanIdaho: You might create a CheeseLemon, and let that create the CheeseMonger.

From the Skylab

jean-michel: I really think there are few things in this world as innocent and cute as a new Drosophila larva.
That's a baby maggot, by the way - SunKitten

Cambridge 25 May

Kazuhiko: Who's me?
SunKitten: That's Serge.  I'm Kazuhiko and you're Morag.

So now MoonShadow has made these pages XML exportable, when it someone going to write a random Cambridge quote generator, taken from the combined GROGGS, Nokkette, CURS, etc quote collections?

What be this xml overkill you speak of?  %% delimited files be where it's at ;)  --Vitenka
Yeah, then you can just leverage fortune(5) into your cgi solution. -- Senji

"holy daycare center bat man!" --Denji

Kitiara : Mark, you're turning into a Drama Queen
MarkReay? (aged 3): (wails) oh no!

Vitenka: I'd recognise Isaac Newton if he was the only one in a spacesuit

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