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What can I say?  I do maths and I call myself by my real name... I'm dooooomed, really...

Image: 48

Whilst that's quite a cool picture, it's not a very good likeness IMAO... Emperor

Hmmm, must get interesting cool internet name.

Any ideas?

Atreic... I like that...
(Prizes for working out what it is / where it's from...)
Probably not [@reic redirector]

TheTickleMonsterOfDoom??  ...no, no, forget I said anything...  How about Gingercake? --AC
The TickleMonsterOfDoom??  Surely that is our much beloved friend Mrs Wakeling!  I haven't tickeled anyone for ages... I'm trying to give it up...

I'd suggest KnaveofHearts, but you'd kill me, RoseTintedMirror which is supposed to be a compliment, RandomFriend, BeingGood (given the number of times you claim to be it...ahem. -SF now  [RunsAndHides]).
BeingGood... hehe... that's rather appropriate, yes... *slight snigger* --AlexChurchill
How about CompulsiveFlirt??  A number of people the other night were postulating that Sally can only be prevented from flirting by removing all men from her FOV. --MikeJeggo (who now definitely RunsAndHides!)
Doesn't work, btw. -StuartFraser, from his hiding place.
Oy!  Which other night?  I've been really good at cutting down on my flirting... and I don't think I've had a night out for ages... GamesEvening doesn't count, it has far too many currents and exs and I'm *supposed* to flirt with them... Anyway, WhoAreYouAllReally that you should pass judgement on my flirtatious nature like this?  I can't even work out who made the comment!
StuartFraser remembers that this is a public forum and bites his tongue. I suspect the other night would have been at the Ceilidh, given the previous author (who, y'know, signed the comment, so even though he RanAndHid, you ought to be able to tell who made it).
Well, yes, RunningAndHiding only works in three of the available dimensions.  Signing my name left me visible in the fourth.  As it was supposed to >:> --MikeJeggo

Failing that, if anyone has anything they want to say about me, please put it here...

I'd suggest narrowing that slightly... (StuartFraser, who isn't saying anything. Honest.)
Oh, but I thought this way it would be more interesting...

AlexChurchill: Well, I suggest people click the title: it will list all the pages Sally's posted on, or the pages which mention her... NokkyQuotes from April 2002 have a few fun ones ;-)

Post?  Surely I just sit and lurk and read what other people have to say... I'm not very good at opinions...

That one in particular was lacking something -- Senji
It was lacking an opinion, in fact.  Which I presume is what Senji meant? --MikeJeggo
No, the opinion that she's not very good at opinions -- Senji

Wait a second... are you back from America?  Cool!
Moo! -- Senji

*Waves a very very large bunny around* Delph
BUNNY!!! :-)
A Ufie perchance, or merely coincidence that that sounds thoroughly Ufie-like?
The bunny, the bunny!  Like a bomb, only fluffier!

Rumour has it that there may exist a SallyFanClub?...

It's about time I cleared up this mess. For those of you who were fond of the mess, I've moved it all to Sally/Mess

I'm still engaged to Emperor although the wedding is moving towards us faster than I would have believed possible. I have severely damaged my mathmo cred by failing a PhD in the Engineering department, although I hope that I remain a mathmo at heart. Just a slightly more bitter one.
Sorry to hear about your PhD. I had to redo a year of my degree after some hard times (depression 'n' stuff). IMO most people are failed by the system (and / or academic support network). Remember that you are more than the sum of your academic results --Garbled
I don't know when Sally will get around to modifying this page, but she's now married to Emperor :-) -- Senji

Sally is going to be leaving Cambridge around Christmas :'( --RobHu

Ah, well, if people really want to know about me and my life they can try http://www.livejournal.com/users/atreic


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