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Well, I'm Sally, the shortish rather too loud one from GamesEvening who gets tickled by Susan a lot, and prefers ApplesToApples and Pit to anything with a strategy.  May also be known from CDC or CULES or even CUAS if you're that way inclined.  QueensCollege based, and a MathMo that does maths...

Now I hate the fact I can't match up who everyone is on the wiki to who you are in RealLife.  If you like being mysterious and safe in your second identity then don't bother, but if you want to satisfy my curiosity then please tell me who you are and why I ought to know you!

I could fill this in for StuartFraser

You'd get it horribly wrong. That said, I like the idea of this page; has definite utility for remembering who it was you played that last game at GamesEvening with. StuartFraser's RealName is Stuart Fraser; he is NOT Stu, or Iain. At GamesEvening, often found playing MtG, but only if he has no other choice. Has no strategic/silly preference.
As opposed of course to Stuart Fraser who is temporarily lodging at TheFlat with MoonShadow and SunKitten.

and TheInquisitor, but they might like their anonymity...

I'm Vitenka.  --Vitenka

PeterTaylor is the tall thin guy with glasses and long hair who turns up on Tuesdays wearing a reflective jacket.

I'm Adam. - ChrisHowlett.

See, Peter got the idea, but I knew who he was already.  Besides, this was really a page for "which of the random people I ought to know is MikeJeggo", if he does GamesEvenings and ceilidhs I'm starting to feel very stupid and guilty I can't put a face to the name... (I have a very bad memory for names (ask Stuart and Chris if you don't believe me) so it's nothing personal, but is confusing me...)
She does - RA

MikeJeggo is the shortish one with dark blond hair that goes crazily curly when it has gone too long without shearing.  (FAO those who will know what I am talking about - DO NOT encourage ZoeLunnon? in her evil schemes involving getting my hair cut).  He comes to GamesEvening often when it is at RobinsonCollege, rarely if it's anywhere else, and not till later in the evening.  Also seen regularly at SaturdayCoffee and WednesdayAnime, and occasionally at GeneralDancing?, and Ceilidh?s when he finds out about them before he's booked up the evening with something else...
ChrisHowlett disputes "shortish"

The ChiarkPerson is a heady cocktail of T.S Eliot, C.S.Lewis, and Rikk from [Fans].

M-A is Mary-Ann, who was a MathMo, but has now joined the RealWorld. Seen on rare occasions at GamesEvening, Mondays at CDC, never at CULES (although I did go and see the MayWeek show a few years ago) or WednesdayAnime, but once or twice at SaturdayCoffee.

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